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The Overwatch The league is in full swing and by now one or the other who doesn't own it (yet) has probably noticed the game. In this case, Blizzard is offering this coming weekend from Friday, February 16. until Monday, February 19th a free audition.

During this time you can jump into the middle of the battle without restrictions. All 26 heroes are available and all 16 battlefields expect you too. Any progress you have gained, such as experience, levels, loot boxes or items, will of course be kept in the event of a purchase. You just have to make sure to buy or activate the game for the same account.

Overwatch Free Weekend

"The Overwatch-The free weekend will take place from February 16 to 19. PC players with a Battle.net account as well as players on PlayStation 4 with a membership at PlayStation Plus and players on Xbox One with an Xbox Live Gold membership can Overwatch Download and play for FREE - without any special keys or codes to register "

 Q: In which regions is the free weekend available? 
A: The Free Weekend is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in all regions. For PC, it is only available in the America, Europe and Asia (excluding Korea) game regions

There is a detailed FAQ with installation instructions for the free weekend and further general information about Overwatch here.

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