Overwatch - Petra 2nd Birthday Card

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Suitable for the celebration of the 2nd birthday of Overwatch on May 22nd, the team at Blizzard has a lot to do. A first video for the new FFA Deathmatch card was published today.

Overwatch - Deathmatch in a historical setting

The card bears the name Petra and lets players visit the legendary ruin sites in Jordan. The historical ruins already served in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as a backdrop, the final scene of which was filmed in front of the Grail Temple in Petra.

Of course it will Overwatch Card just as much action, albeit unfortunately not a life-giving grail. The trailer already makes you want more.

“A group of archaeologists are initiating an excavation project in the middle of the ruins of Petra. A new map awaits you here for FFA Deathmatches, in which every hero is on his own. The battle rages on until a hero has accumulated enough eliminations to win the match. Enjoy the majestic sight of Petra as you explore lofty heights, tangled passages and deep caves.

Move along deadly cliffs, but don't fall down! You can use the green jumping platforms to reach the higher levels of Petra. Jump platforms can do more than just transport heroes and open up completely new strategic possibilities. "

2 years Overwatch

But there are not only old ruins for a birthday, of course a cake should not be missing. This is from Tracer personally baked and Reaper lights the candles in his "friendly" way.

Here is the cute video:


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Who the celebrations of Overwatch birthday so far, there is a free anniversary loot box available at the moment if you log in. The anniversary loot boxes can contain items from past events. There is also the Brawls and missions past seasonal events. But there is not only old, of course the Overwatch team also brings you brand new cosmetic items and even whole ones 8 fresh legendary skins.


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