Overwatch - Professional gamer punished for racist gesture

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Overwatch Philadelphia Fusion

Blizzards Overwatch The league is in full swing and with the huge amount of attention it receives, it's no wonder that any misconduct is quickly noticed. So the player Josh "EQO“Corona from team Philadealphia Fusion, by a racist gesture for excitement.

Overwatch player insults viewers during live stream

During a livestream session, the Asian audience felt offended by the gesture. The team management reacted promptly and already posted the "punishment" and an apology.

Roughly translated:

“Team Philadelphia Fusion has suspended their player Josh“ EQO ”Corona for 3 games. He was also fined $ 2,000 and his streaming privileges were revoked until July 17th.

We apologize to our fans, the Overwatch fan base and anyone who has felt offended.

Josh donates an additional $ 3,000 to the No Place for Hate campaign. Team Fusion will double the fine and additional donation from Josh again for a total of $ 10,000.

The seriousness of the incident is not taken lightly and the team continues to try to live up to its role as a role model. "

Unfortunately, this is not the first such case in the Overwatch Esports scene, the player xQc has already been fired from the Dallas Fuel team in the past. Other esports games such as Riot's League of Legends or Valves DOTA2 now have a zero-tolerance policy for such incidents and impose severe penalties.

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