Path of Exile - Bestiary mechanics are not carried over to the main game

Path of Exile

Preparations for the next big one Path of Exile Patch 3.3. are running at full speed, so the question arises whether the Bestiary mechanics of the current league at the end of which is included in the main game.

As the Path of Exile developers announced today, monster capturing, the menagerie and the beast craft, Not taken over into the main game. The system around the beasts is very extensive and has required a lot of fine-tuning. Furthermore, it would require continuous updates and adjustments. These would take up valuable developer resources.

The Bestiary Mod is also not added as a selection for Zana and the Map Device.

In the past, league mechanics were accessible in the main game even after they ended. Or were accessible in new leagues in the card system through Zana. However, we may see parts or a revised version of Bestiary in a future league.

At the moment it's still running Path of Exile Flashback League for 3 weeks, as a transition event until update 3.3.

Path of Exile - Developer Manifesto for the Bestiary League

Bestiary is a relatively complex league with many core elements: There are special monsters, the possibility of capturing them instead of killing them, and a very complex system for creating sometimes powerful objects.

Although the development of the Bestiary League took a lot of effort and we invested a lot of time improving the mechanics after its release, we decided against permanently transferring the elements of the league into the main game for the time being.

Several factors influenced this decision:

  • We would have had to continuously adapt the interface and the menagerie. These two elements were a huge addition to the game and would have required constant adjustments to interact with new features in the game.
  • Bestiary is very different from the main game, so we should have kept the tutorials. New players are already faced with many tutorials explaining the main game and covering past and current leagues, and we didn't want to add more confusion by including Bestiary permanently in these tutorials.
  • The item-making system would have required constant balance adjustments and testing to remain a relevant part of the game. The creation of items for leveling is still possible using existing and simpler methods. The more complex creation of higher quality items was used by some players, but this system uses a leeway that we can better utilize in the context of other mechanics in the future.

In addition to the decision not to include any elements of the league in the main game, we are unlikely to be offering Bestiary as a Zana option in the future either. However, it could be that we will take over some elements from Bestiary in future content updates and that we will offer Bestiary as part of events.

Bestiary spheres and imprints will remain, but will have no function. In addition, we will not make any balance adjustments to unique items in the Bestiary League for the time being.

We have learned a lot from the development of the Bestiary League and we are all the more excited to present you our next (and completely different) league at the end of this week!

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