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Seldom has a feature been so longed for as the box compartment for them cards in Path of Exile, now it's finally done. What the community has been hoping for since the introduction of the first currency box has now been implemented.

Path of Exile - The new card compartment

The new card compartment can hold up to 72 copies of each card. The subjects are sorted according to tiers / levels, can be renamed and space for legacy cards from bygone eras was also thought of. The possibility to switch the subject to the public Act there are of course as well.

It's only been a week since the "War for the Atlas" Extension for Path of Exile has passed and the developers have already applied several hotfixes and are working on improvements. Including the visual effects at Abyss Rifts, which sometimes went under with many monsters & magic effects.

And although the Christmas holidays or summer holidays in New Zealand, where the developers of PoE are located, the developers are planning further improvements and even the release of "War for the Atlas" for the Xbox One version.

The detailed list of the work in progress can be found below.

Upcoming upgrades

  • Spell Echo and Multiple Strike no longer repeat spells or attacks continuously for some creatures. We have already fixed the bug, but more testing is needed. This fix will be implemented in the game in the short term.
  • The Amanamu fight has a bug where sometimes the boss does not take any action. We only recently implemented some improvements, but we will likely add a few more.
  • Abyssal monsters resurrected through vaults are invulnerable.
  • The timer for the vials is currently not displayed when a vial is clicked with the mouse.
  • Heretic's face veil incorrectly indicates "reduced effect of set jewels".
  • The icon for debuffs can be hidden by the amok kill counter.
  • Zana's mission "Kill the Corrupted Boss" cannot be completed in the pens.
  • Surprise boxes posted in the chat are not displayed correctly there.
  • Blood Sacrifice can currently be used in conjunction with other Sacrifice skills.
  • The prophecy “Echoes of the witchcraft” cannot be completed in Act 6 in the Western Forest.
  • The dark shrine effect where Izaro drops an additional unique item does not work.
  • The "Abort Mission" option in Vagan's menu is in the wrong place.
  • "Projectiles receive 18% of damage (excluding chaos damage) as extra chaos damage per chain" does not work correctly if you only have 1 chain.
  • The hitbox of access to the abyssal depths is too big.
  • A monster can have "Incorporated Treasure" but does not drop a unique item.
  • The Annihilator can sometimes become invisible, which prevents the fight from ending.
  • Re-entering the Towers of Deception can sometimes lead to the game crashing.
  • We are currently investigating some issues with Poet's pen.
  • 'Detonate Mine' sometimes does not trigger if you want to trigger it while running.
  • The modifier "Socketed Gems Are Supported by Level 38 Poison" is currently available. This is a purely visual error.
  • The interplay of 'Projectile Salve' with 'Magma Ball' is currently being improved so that the projectiles still fly parallel after impact.
  • We are working on several game crash fixes.
  • 'Incarnation' in conjunction with 'Magic Totem' does not currently work with Kitava as a target.
  • Optional quests (like "dirty work") are sometimes shown in the quest tracker while in maps.
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