Path of Exile - sulfite cost change

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Path of Exile - Video about the fight between Queen Atziri and 2 vessels of the Vaal

For the weekend they have Path of Exile Designer changes to the Sulfite costs made for the Delve Mine. In addition to those reported by us Adjustments in patch 3.4.3, further adjustments have been made, the developers explain the background in a blog entry.

This concerns the problems between the map level and the mine level, the feedback from the community showed that the sulphite quantities found are not sufficient to regularly advance further into the mine. Instead, sulphite had to be farmed so that further expeditions were possible. With the adjustment of sulphite costs, it should run much more smoothly in the future.

The detailed explanation of the Path of Exile team can be found below, there is something funny in between: A new chapter of the epic Boss fights was held and the video was published on YouTube. Queen Atziri competes against vessels of the Vaal, who will win?


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Who missed the previous fights:


Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.
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Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.
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Path of Exile - Developer Manifest

Changes to sulfite costs in the Delve League
(The English version of this post appeared last Friday)

Today we rolled out patch 3.4.3, which includes some major changes to the way sulphite is accumulated and how sulphite costs are calculated for journeys in the azurite mine.

Our test model (based on live data) showed that with the changes made in 3.4.3, the average 25% player could spend more time in the azurite mine (this applied to all card levels).

This model fails at the point where the map level players are dealing with is insufficient for the appropriate depth in the mine. We assumed that players would penetrate the mine to a depth that roughly corresponds to the level of difficulty of the maps being played.

Feedback from the community so far indicates that we were wrong on this point.

The difference between a few map levels already has a great influence on the sulphite gain, which is due to the use of an exponential curve. This means that if you cannot maintain your card level, you will have a very different amount of sulfite than someone who is able to.

To fix this, we reduce the increase in sulphite gain in maps and change the exponential curve to a linear curve. This means that the gap between someone who plays card level 16 and someone who plays card level 12 is now significantly smaller.

The largest upgrade in sulfite capacity is now 18,000 sulfite (previously 30,000), to give you an example of the new scaling. If you have more than 18,000 sulphites at the time of the patch, the sulphite that exceeds that limit will be lost.

The best way to collect sulphite is still level 16 cards, but you can also get a sufficient amount of sulphite in lower card levels.

At the same time, we're keeping one thing that we wanted to change, and that's that maps are far more rewarding than other content for advancing the Delve League.

These changes will be applied today.

In addition to this change, we're making a number of other optimizations.

Fixed a bug that affected groups with an even number of members. In these cases the sulphite content was calculated too little for a player.

This bug has existed since version 3.4.3. Not all players were affected, but it made the situation with sulfite costs even more difficult. The bug has now been fixed.

The sulphite costs incurred in the mine for a route of length 6 have been capped.

The sulfite costs for these rare and very long journeys could sometimes exceed the sulfite capacity.

The sulfite costs for longer journeys in the mine have been reduced slightly (starting at length 2). The longer the distance, the higher this reduction will be. If the length is 6, the reduction is 25%.

Covering longer distances in the mine is already more worthwhile than short ones. This reduction is intended to encourage players to choose longer distances.

The sulfite bonus based on the amount of items on cards has been increased slightly.

This is only a minor change, but after this update, the amount of items on cards will have a much greater effect on the amount of sulfites in cards (the higher the card level, the more noticeable the effect).

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