Path of Exile - details and date of the next expansion

Path of Exile

The last Path of Exile Extension The Fall of Oriath is only a few months old, but the next update will come in December. In addition to the release date, the developers of GGG have also revealed some information about the events up to the expansion.

The big update 3.1.0, which the developers classify as an extension because of its size, is to be released on December 8th. The current Harbinger League will end a few days beforehand.

As a little bridging, there is still that on Friday, November 10th "10 days Turmoil" and then "10 days Mayhem" Event. Both are small mini-seasons in which you play with new characters. The areas of Wraithclast are filled with particular dangers. Each zone contains a combination of Rogue Exiles, Invades, Breaches, Monster Packs, etc. The monsters that await you are the same for everyone. The zones and the dangers are swapped every hour.

Depending on which level you reach in the respective seasons, you have the chance of rewards. There are hundreds of cosmetic effects or armor to be won. The exact details of the events can be found on the Calendar page from GGG.

The previously unnamed Path of Exile expansion

The name of the expansion and the exact features that will appear with patch 3.1.0 will be announced by the developers on November 16, 2017. It will also be revealed what the league will be called for the new patch and what special features it offers.

But then GGG let 5 small facts be pulled out of its nose:

  • There will be a new boss in Act 9
  • For the first time there will be a socketable belt
  • Green and black are the colors of the new league
  • A new type of stash tab / crate space is available for expansion
  • 4 new skills and 6 support gems.

Path of Exile is a FreeToPlay action RPG in the style of Diablo. For those who are interested, the new patch and the league that comes with it is a perfect introduction.

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