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There are still almost 18 days until I am Path of Exile Update 3.3 the new Incursion League starts. The developers now have the most frequently asked questions about the new features answered.

Including the frequency with which one Alva, the NPC who opens the temple, and what it looks like with locked rooms. As a brief overview: Alva sends you into the past and there you can influence the layout of the temple in the present.

This will change the monsters, loot, and challenges you have to face on the way to the top of the temple and the rewards. Approximately 11 expeditions going into the past will be needed to determine the structure of the temple and its position in the present. Each of these incursions allow a room in the final temple to be upgraded and is limited in time. Comparable to the Breaches of the previous league, you don't have to waste time with loot, after your return you will find your loot at Alva's feet and can collect it in peace.

One of the new Unique items was also announced today by Path of Exile Game Director Bex_GGG presented:

Path of Exile Gloves

Path of Exile - Developer FAQ

Below you will find the German FAQ on the Path of Exile Incursion League:

How often do you meet Alva?

From the marshy plains you will meet Alva in every area. This excludes secondary areas for the Masters' mission. It will also be found in every card, although we have not yet decided whether it will also be present in unique cards.

Will my incursion load with my map or area?

The incursion loads as soon as you enter an area. So there won't be any loading screens before you step into an incursion. However, as soon as Alva allows access to the final temple, she will open six portals for you through which you have to expect a loading screen, as it is a larger and independent area.

What monster / item level can I expect in the incursion and in the temple?

Incursions correspond to the area level in which they were found. The level of the last temple is the average of the levels of incursions that led to it and a few more levels. Our intention is for it to be as close as possible to your actual level as you progress through the game, provided you haven't missed any areas or have done many low-level incursions.

Will map modifiers affect the incursions or the final temple?

As soon as you open a map, your incursion is affected by all map modifiers. The final temple has its own game instance and will therefore not accept the map modifiers. However, the modifiers of the included rooms have an effect on the temple.

For example, if your card has the modifier “Players are cursed with vulnerability”, the players in the incursion of this card are cursed with the curse 'Vulnerability'. If the card has “30% group size”, the groups in the incursions 30% will also be larger. If the card “Monsters have 100% increased amount of found objects”, you can expect more loot at the end of the incursion.

What exactly does the Level 3 Temple Nexus room do?

All rooms surrounding the level 3 room 'Temple Nexus' will be one level higher (max. Level 3).

How does the implicit modifier of the unique chain of bondage belt work?

The item can only be looted if it is corrupted. The implied modifier is three times the value of any Corrupted Belt Modifier. The displayed value already corresponds to the tripled value. To be clear, the item doesn't triple the implicit modifiers of other equipped items.

Motion blur effect will be much weaker in the finished game

The "problem" of the motion blur effect, which was very strong in the first trailer and was discussed on Reddit, is also dealt with.

Can we turn off the motion blur effect in incursions?

The version of the effect shown in the trailer has been amplified for demonstration purposes. The in-game version has been toned down and can be turned off by disabling post-processing.

Do you have to complete a certain number of incursions before you can enter the final temple or will there be mechanics to influence this?

There will be a fixed number of approximately 11 incursions. However, we cannot confirm this guideline value as we are still working on the exact number. The number could increase in cards so that you have more opportunities to get good rooms.

Is there a fixed layout of the temple every day?

No. The layout is generated randomly and changes according to your actions in the incursion. As soon as you have completed the final temple (after 11 incursions), a new layout will be generated randomly. The real time has no influence on it.

How does the group game work?

The person who opens the instance provides their temple or incursion to the group. All group members can unsafe each other's temples and incursions, but their actions do not affect their own rooms and layouts of the temple.

Can we repeat the 11 upgrades?

Yes. You can repeat your incursions, but they will be different each time. Once you have completed the 11 incursions and the final temple, you will begin a new set of 11 incursions. Normally you complete a temple during each act and then roughly every 11 cards.

Does the temple automatically reset after 11 incursions or can I make my own decision?

You will not be able to complete any further incursions until you have entered the entire temple in the present. You can also just enter the temple and leave it immediately to reset it without completing it. But with that you would forego big prey!

Are you only rewarded with items after completing the whole temple?

Great booty awaits you at the end of each incursion. If you are careful with the temple upgrade at the same time, the final temple could bring you very valuable rewards. After all, this is a treasure temple!

Do you have to get the same incursion space twice in a row to be able to expand it?

The rooms do not have to be closed one after the other for the expansion. This only has to happen within the 11 incursions before the final temple.

Since which room of the incursion one ends up in is random, is it possible to be locked out of some rooms of the temple in the present if one has not been sent to the connected rooms?

Yes. It is possible to be locked out of rooms. That's what the explosives room 🙂 is for

Is it possible to steal cards at the end of the incursion?

Yes. Architects and magical monsters in incursions can drop cards that await you in the end. In the final temple there is a room that lets you loot a lot of cards. Monsters in the final temple can also drop cards if their level is high enough.

How many keys can you find in one incursion?

It's random and with a little luck it can become more than one.

What happens if you kill both architects in one room?

This is not possible. As soon as you kill one architect, the other will flee.

Is it possible to complete all 11 incursions without reaching the apex of the temple?

Yes, unless you have enough rooms connected. In some cases, this may even be intentional, as you may want to upgrade certain rooms, as these can offer more valuable loot than the boss!

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