Path of Exile - Developers react directly with changes to feedback on the Bestiary League

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Path of Exile

The new Path of Exile Bestiary Liga is only one day old and the development team at GGG is already reacting to the first feedback from fans. As Chris Wilson, Producer and developer of Path of Exile, announced today that the nets will be adapted to capture the beasts.

Path of Exile - Quick response to community feedback

As described in the first FAQ about the Beast League, it's supposed to be a Time window of 3 seconds in which you have time to damage the beast and thus increase the chance of a successful capture. This window is especially necessary for very fast / strong character builds, which kill the monsters almost in one fell swoop and thus no longer have time to throw the net at low health points. Due to some changes and bug fixes in the last second before the patch was released, the time window was sometimes only 0.2 seconds long or tiny. These changes were reversed and it should work properly again: Throwing a net, knocking monsters down to a few health points, trapping.

Furthermore it should new networks give with whom you already have killed monsters can capture. The player can then simply throw the new nets onto a pile of corpses and the highest beast is automatically captured. NPC Einhar has already proven his skills in blood magic, so it is easy for him to revive your target first before he puts it in the menagerie.

Changes already active

Some Changes have already been implemented by hotfix. Players can now click through unlocked recipes and move on.

With one touch of the Space bar if you close not only the current recipe window, but also all others that would be displayed behind it.

If you don't want the recipe display, you can do so under the UI options also deactivate completely.

Legendary Beasts, i.e. those with 2 bestiary modifications, are now easier to catch.

A message will now appear when the player tries one angry Capturing monsters and the attempt failed.

Further improvements should follow next week, the Path of Exile developers react very quickly to useful feedback from the community.

Path of Exile - Hotfixes

3.2.0 hotfix

  • Temporarily disabled Low Water Detail Level in order to fix some graphical issues. We will re-enable this once we have fixed the problem properly.
  • Fixed an issue where plaques in the menagerie displayed "????????" rather than the correct names.
  • Fixed an issue where the "You need to bind the following actions to an input" popup occurred in every area.

3.2.0 Hotfix 2

  • Fixed a bug which prevented some Zana missions from being completed.
  • Fixed a bug causing Spectral Shield Throw to be able to drop earlier than intended.
  • Fixed a bug causing Reliquarian's and Chaos Sentinels to only spawn as Rare.
  • Fixed various issues with the Rage mechanic causing Rage to decay earlier than intended.
  • Fixed a client crash when entering a PvP match.
  • Fixed various instance crashes.

3.2.0 Hotfix 3

  • Made it easier to capture Legendary Beasts.
  • Added an option to suppress recipe notifications.
  • You can now click-through the Recipe Unlocked notification. The "Close all panels" hotkey will suppress all queued recipe notifications.
  • Added an error message when trying to capture enraged Beasts.
  • Fixed a bug causing attack speed to appear too high while protecting a shield.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Giant Crabs plaque in the menagerie to not display the correct name.
  • Fixed a bug causing the "Gain up to Five New Prophecies" Beastcrafting recipe to consume Silver Coins.
  • Fixed a bug causing some areas to not generate Legendary Beasts.
  • Fixed various issues with dynamic resolution scaling.
  • Fixed various client crashes.


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