Path of Exile - Other Delve changes

Path of Exile - Azurite Mine

After the first announcement about the coming Path of Exile Changes, today there were more details from the developers.

Who has so far been about individual Azurite annoyed who were sometimes stuck so deep in a wall that you couldn't pick them up, can breathe easy. This is one of the errors that has been identified and will be fixed.

There is also a glimmer of hope with the mine upgrades, not only that they should serve league-wide for all characters, brittle walls of only one dynamite break and Torches have a slightly larger radius. The marking and visibility of fragile walls is also improved.

You can find the detailed changes below:

Path of Exile - Upcoming improvements to Delve

Yesterday we had reportedthat we are working on introducing the upgrades with Azurit across the league for characters on their own account. Today we would like to introduce you to further improvements that we have planned for the near future.

The following are not patch notes. Rather, it is a list of concepts that we are working on. If the concept proves itself, we will apply it as a patch within a few days.

  • The EMP's charging animation is to be adjusted and new visual effects are to be added so that it is signaled much more clearly.
  • The azurite and the upgrades should be carried out across the league between the characters in their own account.
  • The aim is to fix a bug where the azurite can get stuck in the walls.
  • We want to fix a bug where the light radius in the mine sometimes appears too big and players perceive the upgrade as not important enough. Even monsters that are actually in the dark appear as if damage can be done to them, although this is not the case.
  • Only one stick of dynamite should be necessary to destroy a brittle wall. At first glance this makes the damage upgrade seem useless, but you should try the dynamite on monsters in the real depths.
  • Torches should be modified so that they immediately give off a protective light and appear at the clicked target position. They will continue to be cast immediately.
  • The light radius of torches should be increased slightly.
  • It is supposed to give better evidence of brittle walls that are on the crawler's path. Did you know that in every cell there is always a brittle wall that does not hold an encounter?
  • The aim is to fix the bug where the crawler sometimes just teleports itself away and lets you down in the dark.

We are of course also working on many other things, but the points above are the ones we wanted to communicate with you early on.

Thank you again for your continuous feedback!

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