Path of Exile - More Delve improvements later this week

Path of Exile hero fighting with monsters

The Path of Exile Team continues to make practical improvements to the Delve League, including more loot behind brittle walls.

Sometimes it could be a little unsatisfactory to fight your way through the dark and find little loot after 10 torches and 5 sticks of dynamite. That will now be different, as the developers announced today, it will now be much more worthwhile to put yourself in danger.

Various challenges in the Delve League are also being tinkered with. The achievement "Complete Underground Battles IV" was very difficult to achieve or extremely time-consuming. In order to limit the random element a little, there will now be 4 more parts that should make the conclusion easier.

In addition, the maximum sulfite and Torch capacity increased by new upgrade options in the mine warehouse.

You can find the complete German news from the Path of Exile developers on these topics below. The planned changes should be applied this week and activated by restarting the server.

Path of Exile - Further improvements to Delve

As more and more of you penetrate deeper into the Azurite Mine, some more adjustments to the Delve League have become necessary. These changes should be applied this week, the next time we restart the realm. Thank you for your continuous feedback!

Sulfite capacity

You have indicated that you want to be able to store more voltaxic sulfite and have more control over which route to take in the azurite mine. For this reason we have expanded the sulphite capacity with three additional upgrade options. The maximum capacity is now 60,000. Since these are upgrades for the endgame, a corresponding amount of Azurite is required for activation.

Torch capacity

Long stretches in the azurite mine require more than 12 torches (current limit). It gives us joy to see how some of you go so deep into the darkness. We do not want to put obstacles in your way when you face such dangerous challenges. Instead, we would like to encourage you to take more daring excursions away from the crawler by increasing the torch capacity by eight additional upgrade options, bringing the maximum number of torches to 20. Again, the activation of the new upgrade levels requires a corresponding amount of azurite.

Brittle walls

We want to encourage you even more to find, destroy and explore brittle walls. Accordingly, we made the loot behind it even more rewarding.


The Challenge "Complete Underground Battles IV" is currently too difficult to complete. For this reason, we are adding four additional components that can contribute to its conclusion. While these new components are a bit rare, they should be much more realistic to achieve. You will still have to master six components to complete, but only two of them are very rare.

Aul the crystal king

The boss is one of the highlights of the Delve expansion, but was probably a little too rare. So we're increasing its spawn rate by roughly 50%.

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