Path of Exile - German Guide for the Incursions

Path of Exile Incursions Guide

The Path of Exile Incursion League has hit like a bomb, and players are busy traveling the past to transform the Temple of Atzoatl and secure the best loot.

Since the writer of these lines ran through his first incursions on Friday in a pretty panic and had no idea what to do, we have put together some tips for you here. This should make it a little easier to get started and secure the ascent to the apex.

Path of Exile - The Temple of Atzoatl

11 times you have to meet Alva in the wilderness and 11 times she sends you into the past to make changes to the temple.

Path of Exile - Alva

In doing so, you change the room in which you are traveling and activate connections to other rooms. While the visit to the finished temple is not subject to any time limits, there are Incursions a tight window of opportunity. By killing the monsters, some time can be gained.

Path of Exile - bars

A progress bar at the bottom of the screen shows you how many monsters you have already killed in the current room. And this is exactly the first little "Cases". It doesn't matter how many monsters you kill (apart from some loot and experience) and a room that is emptied for 100% is also no bonus.

The important goals in an incursion is 1. Killing one of two ArchitectsSo that the room is either improved or transformed and 2. Finding keys and opening passages. Because that's how you assemble your ideal temple in the present, which hopefully also offers a way to the boss at the top of the apex.

The architects

Since there is not enough time in the incursion, you can go to before Alva look at the room you are about to enter. There are 2 symbols for the Architects with a description of what happens when you kill them. After an architect dies, the remaining architect runs away, so you can't accidentally kill both of them.

Path of Exile - Architect

As you can see above, by killing Matatl, architect of the fortifications improve the armory room. In this we find boxes full of armor in the finished temple. As a disadvantage, the monsters in the temple get more life as a result. The killing of Atmohua (left), on the other hand, would convert the room into a trap workshop.

Passages and stone of the passage

Path of Exile - Stone of the Passage

At this point are the open or closed connecting corridors visible to other temple rooms. You can do this with a Stone of the passage to open. The opponents in the room drop the stones of the passage at random after their death. However, at least one stone is guaranteed if you kill all opponents. Since chance plays a major role here and time is on your neck, it is unfortunately not always possible to open a passage.

Path of Exile - Stone of the PassageAt this point, of course, you come Character build and equipment in the game. The faster you kill the monsters and the more running speed / movement skills you have, the easier it is to find a stone in the passage and use it on one of the passages. In the passages you just have to click on the door and the stone is used automatically and opens the way.

Path of Exile - passage

You can also call up the mini overview of the temple within the incursion by pressing the V key.

To get to the point:

  • Find Alva
  • Look at the temple map and decide which architect you want to kill
  • Decide which pass would be particularly important
  • Step into the incursion
  • Run to the architect and kill him, kill as many opponents as possible in passing
  • After the architect's death, clear the rest of the room and use any stones to open the passage
  • After the timer runs out, collect your loot. On the temple overview map you can also see directly what effects your actions had.

In our experience, the passages are the bigger problem. Since the architects are guaranteed and easy to find, it is no problem to improve the rooms as you want.

Path of Exile - We clear the way

Since the Stones of the passage fall by chance, it can happen that the last enemy in a room will drop you and you won't have time to use it. As a result, your finished temple can have several rooms with cool rewards, but you have no way in or you have no way to the apex and the temple boss.

Path of Exile - explosives room

As a small remedy there is the Explosives room in the finished temple, in this you can get one Explosive charge find that opens a locked passage. Our recommendation would therefore be to choose the explosives room, unless you have already opened enough passages. If you improve the explosives room, you will even get 2 or 3 explosive charges.

It may not be as spectacular as a treasure or a corruption chamber, but they are of little use to you when you stand in front of a locked door.

If you haven't started into the new league yet or are still looking for a suitable build, we recommend ours Overview article with many strong character builds and all the necessary tools & filters.


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