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Only 2 more days then it’s Christmas ... stop! not that, but that Path of Exile Incursion League and Patch 3.3 is finally here. The developers have already provided the patch notes and information for the hobbyists of the various tools such as Path of Building or Lootfilter.

Information for tool / filter hobbyists

As usual, the new league offers a standard and hardcore (with final character death) variant, which is divided into normal and SSF - Solo Self Found are divided. If you choose SSF, you rely on your own skills and luck because you cannot trade or play in groups with other players. So a special challenge for players who don't like trading or social monster battles.

The special feature of the new league is the Treasure temple of Atziatl. You visit this after meeting the NPC Alva, several times in the past and can change the blueprints and rooms there. In the present you will then find the finished temple that was influenced by you and you can find the appropriate one Rewards pick up, of course only after you've fought your way through hordes of monsters and bosses.

Path of Exile - Back to the Future

Here is the official statement from the Path of Exile designers:

  • In the Incursion League, the explorer Alva Valai goes in search of the ancient Vaal treasure temple of Atzoatl. Travel back in time to track down the location of the temple and transform its history for great booty.
  • Meet Alva in the wilderness and she will open a time portal that gives you access to the temple of Atzoatl while it is being built. Extend your stay on site by pulling away the residents of the temple. Through these journeys, Alva can determine the location of the temple in the present, which in turn allows you to influence the interior of the temple and thereby your rewards.
  • After completing 11 Temporal Incursions, Alva will determine the location of the Temple of Atzoatl for you in the present. Explore the jungle together, discover the temple and claim the treasures for you. In each type of room in the temple, you can expect special risks and correspondingly large rewards.
  • Your actions in the past have had a significant impact. Destroy the Vaal Architects who are responsible for building the temple and influence which rooms will appear in the present. During your incursions, find keys with which you unlock doors in the past and thus gain access to other rooms in the present.
  • Travel into the past, influence the Vaal architects in the expansion of the rooms and gain access to much greater wealth. Many developed rooms harbor the most unimaginable dangers of the temple. The greater the danger, the more precious your prey will be.

More features

In addition, there are new ones with the update 22 new divination cards, 31 unique items and the revision many old skills. The Vaal version has just been changed significantly. Or new ones added such as: Vaal earthquakes.

Since the complete patch notes would go far beyond the scope of this article, you can find the detailed version on the Path of Exile Homepage.


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