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Go to sleep again, then Christmas is just around the corner ... Stop! Not Christmas, but the new one Path of Exile extension Delve is at the door.

With the Delve Update 3.4.0 There are a lot of changes, new skills and of course the Azurite Mine, the first endless dungeon for Path of Exile. Similar to the Lord of the Rings dwarfs, we dig deeper and deeper and of course come across a lot of Balrogs or in this case monsters that are in no way inferior to the toughest map bosses. To explore the mine, however, we need fuel in the form of the voltaxic sulfitewhich can be found in every zone outside the Mini.

We use it to operate the lights in the mine and on ours Crawler which accompanies us from checkpoint to checkpoint and represents a mobile light source. Because without light we are swallowed up by the darkness pretty quickly and that in the truest sense of the word, because no matter how strong our character is, he has no chance against the darkness. We have a chance, however, in the fight against the monsters that try to stop us. The deeper we go into the mine, the more dangerous it becomes. Of course, there are also better rewards.

With the Azuritmine an alternative endgame is available for the first time. Up until now the path was almost always Story & Levels and then only Maps & Atlas, Delve offers the possibility of variety.

The complete patch notes for Path of Exile - Delve would go beyond the scope of this article, so we only have the highlights of the new Delve League for you below. The complete patch notes in German with all hundreds of tiny changes can be found on the Path of Exile Homepage Find:

The Path of Exile Delve Challenge League

  • Challenge leagues are a great way to start from scratch and start with a fresh economy. All of your old characters are still present in the permanent Standard and Hardcore Leagues, but the appeal of Path of Exile is precisely to take on new challenges and put your playing skills to the test in a new league!
  • With 3.4.0 we offer both a standard and hardcore version of the new league as well as their respective self-sufficient variants, which are completely identical in terms of mechanics and items.
  • Dive into the infinite depths of the azurite mine in the Delve Challenge League, unearth unimaginable treasures and unearth underground secrets.
  • Stand by the inventor Niko and collect the voltaxic sulphite so that he can keep the lights in the mine running. These lights ensure your survival deep down in the mine as every step in the dark will consume you. Nikos mechanical equipment, the crawler, guides you to locations with valuables in the mine, but dangerous monsters and valuable loot lure you into the darkness.
  • Bring a couple of torches to illuminate and explore the crawler's path aside. Have a few sticks of dynamite ready to injure dangerous enemies and tear down brittle walls that reveal treasures that have been untouched for centuries.
  • The deeper you go, the more dangerous and relentless both the darkness and the monsters that lurk there become. How deep can you go without losing your mind?
  • Rankings for each league (including solo and group rankings in non-self-sufficient leagues) track your maximum depth. Prove once and for all who has the best build!
  • The Delve League includes 40 new challenges. As soon as you have completed 12 challenges, you will receive the canary. If you complete 24 challenges you will receive the azurite back attachment and at 36 you will receive the Delve portal effect. These exclusive microtransactions can only be obtained during this league.
  • From the 19th challenge onwards, you will also receive a part of the Delve trophy for every three additional challenges completed, which you can place in your hiding place as a decoration. The trophy always shows the number of challenges you have mastered during this league.
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