Path of Exile - German patch notes for 3.3.0D

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Path of Exile

The Path of Exile Incursion League is running at full speed success and the latest patch 3.3.0D brings some small bug fixes.

In addition, Alva Valai will be taught some new phrases while she talks to you while exploring the temple. A new cosmetic item has also been released. the hand wings. Sounds strange, but looks really cool and spooky:


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The Wolpertinger, which was shown a few days ago, is a bit more cuddly:


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You can find the German patch notes below:

Path of Exile 3.3.0D

  • Incursions can no longer spawn in the Maelstrom of Chaos unique map.
  • Remote mines that place traps on a cooldown now consume as many cooldowns as mines are placed. For example, if the 'Seismic Trap' is supported by 'Support: Remote Mine' and 'Support: Minefield', 3 mines are placed and three charges of the 'Seismic Trap' are used up. If you wait until the cooldown is reset, mines can be placed by the supported skills 'Support: Multiple Traps' or 'Support: Trap Association' in order to place further traps.
  • The Debilitating Trap skill gem is now available as a reward for completing the Fate Pairings quest.
  • A new voice-over for Alva Valai has been added that will play while exploring the jungle around the Temple of Atzoatl.
  • Elemental Strike's area of effect component now correctly affects additional targets hit by using the Aid: Call of the Ancestors gem.
  • The Phantom Archer can no longer receive the Assist: Charge buff.
  • Adjusted the visual effects of the shocking floor so that the effect is no longer so irregular.
  • The performance of the 'Ice Flower Ice Trap' cosmetic effect has been improved.
  • Doors in the temple of Atzoatl that have already been blown up no longer show the message 'Place explosives' if there are more lightning powder barrels in the inventory.
  • Paquate, Architect of Doom's blood stream is now removed instantly when the Architect dies.
  • Fixed a bug where returning to character selection would result in the wrong character being selected.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Jungle Valley' map could contain unconnected zones.
  • Fixed a bug where white burning ground was invisible.
  • A bug from patch 3.3.0 has been fixed where players within a group in the unique map 'Whakawairua Tuahu' were not placed in different locations when using the portal.
  • Fixed a bug where Arcane Surge would not work when supporting a spell associated with the gem, Support: Casting On Damage.
  • Fixed a bug where 'Vaal Corpse Explosion' displayed attack values instead of spell values in the 'Offensive' tab of the character sheet.
  • Fixed a bug where Vaal Skills placed as mines would show an incorrect remaining usage frequency.
  • Fixed a bug where architects could be killed after an incursion ended, resulting in the wrong room being changed or upgraded.
  • Fixed a bug where an Architect's Bloodstream skill would be invisible when re-entering the area after the skill was cast.
  • Fixed a bug where appearances of the Nemesis modifier 'Soul Binding' incorrectly extended the progress bar in an incursion.
  • Fixed a bug where players could sometimes receive more than 10 stacks of grasping vines, which would prevent them from moving.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Plague Maw III' prophecy could be triggered in an incursion.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'The Queen of Death V' prophecy replaced monsters in an incursion.
  • Fixed a bug where Radiant Scorching Ray had a heavenly effect. Radiant Scorching Ray channeling no longer flickers as much.
  • Fixed a bug where a 'lightning teleportation' with cosmetic effects would not play the audio effects correctly.
  • Fixed a minor graphical issue in the 'Crucible of Flames' room in the Temple of Atzoatl.
  • A client crash related to buffer underflow has been fixed.
  • Fixed a client crash related to 'Vaal earthquakes'.
  • Fixed a client crash related to 'Arc'.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when crossing rough terrain while the character was affected by grasping vines.
  • Fixed a client crash that occurred when changing areas.
  • An instance crash has been fixed.

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