Path of Exile - Hotfix and upcoming changes to the Delive League

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Path of Exile - Image of the mines upgrades

The new Path of Exile Patch 3.4.0 with the Delve Liga caused mixed feelings among the fans. The new spells and builds are awesome, but the mechanics of the Delve League and Azurit Mine leave something to be desired.

Luckily heard Developer GGG to the studios that react quickly to criticism and suggestions for improvement. There was already a small hotfix today and another patch is planned for the course of the week. In this second, somewhat larger patch, the Delve Mechanics can be adjusted. Among them, on the one hand, the handling of Torches and dynamite are simplified and on the other hand the Azurite Mines upgrades apply to other characters.

Because at the moment every new char or twink, all upgrades such as more light radius or shadow resistance from new farms. Starting with the patch, all characters in same league, have the same level of mining equipment.

Below you can find the official announcement from GGG's Chris Wilson and the patch notes:

Path of Exile - Azurite and League-Wide Upgrades

We've been collecting feedback from you over the weekend, and some of you have expressed a wish that the upgrades you make to the Voltaxic Generator affect all of your characters that you have in this League. We discussed this suggestion as a team and think this change makes sense, which is why we will be implementing it this week.

We are also working to improve the use of torches and dynamite and will keep you posted. We will apply these changes in the next few days as soon as they are ready.

I would like to expressly thank the team members who were in the office over the weekend and took care of issues related to the launch and various bug fixes. This was our best launch so far in terms of server stability, and most client / instance crashes were resolved within the first 12 hours.

Thank you for all of your feedback and your loyal support. It is really exciting for us to see you descend further and further into the depths of the mines and uncover the secrets that lurk below.

Path of Exile - Patch Notes 3.4.0e

  • Lily Roth has returned to Lion's Eye Watch in Act 6.
  • The skill 'Thunderstorm Sphere' is temporarily no longer supported by mines, traps and totems. We will re-enable this combination in a future patch.
  • Fixed a bug where completing the 'Bell Tower' map and 'Mao Kun' was not counting towards the Atlas bonus objective.
  • Fixed a bug where fragments captured from the azurite mine could not be stacked with the other fragments.
  • A bug has been fixed where the hotkey for the "Close all windows" function did not close the instance manager.
  • Fixed a bug where the deactivation of the shadows was not saved correctly in the DX9 version.
  • Fixed a rare bug that prevented players from entering the Azurite Mine.
  • Fixed two instance crashes.
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