Path of Exile - Trade page improvements

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Image of the new Path of Exile crystal tornado shot

The Path of Exile Developers released their last November Trading side further improved. Trading, for gold, is a central point in the FreeToPlay Action RPG and a good interface is all the more important.

Path of Exile - It becomes unnecessarily difficult without trade

Long time were Path of Exile Players relied on third party sites to trade their items as the internal trading chat was mostly crowded. Just last November, GGG launched its own website for selling items. In the meantime, several improvements have been made to their user interface, which GGG presented today. Including new display modes, the ability to classify item modifiers more easily, a notification system and especially the improved live search with significantly more speed.

With patch 3.3.0d we added two display modes: the compact view and the two-column compact view. The compact view does exactly what you would expect it to do. It reduces the screen space required to display relevant information. This has improved readability for many players. The two-column compact view is very similar to the compact view, but shows the search results in two columns and thus further condenses the information displayed. We are very pleased with these changes as they give players more flexibility in how search results are presented.

We have also added the ability to filter items according to their listed time. This enables players to see the newly listed items first or to look at the items that have been listed for a longer period of time.

In addition, you can now also see whether a modifier is a prefix, suffix or hybrid modifier (combination of prefix and suffix). This way, players can pinpoint whether there are any free modifier slots in their search results so they can make more informed decisions.


You can find the original news post on the official Path of Exile Homepage Find. There was also a new cosmetic microtransaction today, the Crystal tornado shot:


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