Path of Exile - Incursion Flashback Event in August

Path of Exile

The Incursion League of Path of Exile is slowly coming to an end and at the end the developers have one Incursion Flashback event announced. This will take place from August 3rd at 11pm to August 28th (midnight) and run parallel to the Incursion League.

Path of Exile - Incursion Flashback Event

The Flashback Event offers modifiers from the 11 most popular Path of Exile leagues of the past. In every zone are always 3 modifiers active and every hour changes which 3 are active. So cracks, boxes or invasion bosses can await you at any time.

Here are the possible modifiers:

  • 2 additional Renegade Exiles
  • 2 additional invasion bosses
  • 1 additional crack
  • 2 additional safes
  • 3 tormented souls
  • 2 additional Perandus chests and 33% chance to meet Cadiro
  • Beyond
  • 3 additional rare groups of monsters with nemesis modifiers
  • 3 additional magical groups of monsters with bloodline modifiers
  • 1 additional abyss
  • 2 additional harbingers

In addition to the additional challenge, all Path of Exile players can expect a lot of loot. Unlike other events in the past, your Incursion Flashback Event characters will NOT be deleted after the league expires. Instead, they will be converted to standard characters as usual and the loot will remain.


Of course, as usual, there are also rewards in the event. For reaching level 35, an apocalypse surprise box with a random cosmetic item beckons you. This box is one-of-a-kind, so multiple characters at a level don't bring you multiple boxes.

For the remaining raffles, however, each character counts:

Path of Exile Incursion Flashback Event Rewards
Source: GGG

Path of Exile - Flashback FAQ

There is also a small FAQ:

Questions and answers about the event

We'll update this section as more questions arise.

Can I change my Ascendancy Class?
No, this option is deactivated during this event.

Can I get a prize after deleting my character?
No. Please do not delete your characters until the prize giving has ended.

Can I still receive prizes after my character dies?

Do I have a better chance of winning a prize by leveling multiple characters?
Yes. Every character you level qualifies for the award ceremony at the end of the event. This excludes surprise boxes, which are limited to 1 box per account.

Will all characters be deleted after the event ends?
No. At the end of the event, all characters and items will be migrated to the respective permanent league. So if you participated in the Flashback Event in standard mode, your characters will be moved to the standard league after the event has ended.

When are the prizes awarded?
The surprise boxes will be given out automatically as soon as you reach level 35 during the event. All other microtransactions and Demigod's Superiority will be awarded at the end of the event. You will receive a private message via the website when you have received a prize. Please note that with the exception of the surprise boxes and 'Superiority of the Demigod', the prizes are drawn at random and there is no guarantee of a price. We share you over Twitter as soon as all prizes have been awarded.

Can unique items from a particular league be found in areas where that league is active?
No, it is not possible to obtain unique items from past leagues this way.

Can you migrate a character from Standard Autark to Standard in the Flashback Event?
Yes, it is possible (same goes for the hardcore game modes).      

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