Path of Exile - Interview with streamer Mathil

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Path of Exile Harbinger Magma Orb Effect

Most of them are already from Path of Exile Streamer Mathil heard, even in ours Guides at the start of a new season, his builds are always there. The Path of Exile team has now taken the time for an interview with the streamer and also explains the Mathil effect on the economy.

Mathil has long been known in the Path of Exile industry as a quiet, fun streamer who regularly tests new builds. These character builds are usually so strong that they find a lot of cash to follow.

Path of Exile - Price explosions due to the Mathil Effect

This resulted in the so-called "Mathil effect":

What is the “Mathil Effect”?

Something that started out innocently but degenerated into something negative over time.

I had some very popular builds at first, and as soon as I published a guide that showed greater potential, players wanted to try the build and accordingly had to purchase key unique items for that build. After a guide was published, the price of certain items could rise over the course of days or weeks and my guide could be held responsible for it. It was never really a detriment to the game's economy, and I was flattered that enough people wanted to play a build that could affect the price of an item.

Nowadays it's just that a handful of people try to buy every item I use cheaply in order to sell it at a higher price. The success of the build no longer plays a role. Whenever I have a new idea or mention an item, these people start buying out the items for a certain price before I even start playing. They hold onto this item until I build a build with it and then flood the market at an inflated price if my build was halfway usable. For this reason, I decided to avoid using certain items for a certain length of time or even for an entire league so that my impact on the economy of the game would be less significant. That's why I initially skipped cool new items, such as the poet's pen, which gives players longer access to these items before the price and demand explode.

You can find the full interview with Mathil on the Path of Exile Homepage. His stream at:

Furthermore, the Path of Exile makers have released the cool new Magma Orb Effect:


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