Path of Exile - New Debilitating Trap and Incursion Guide

Path of Exile

GGG gives more and more information about the coming Path of Exile Update 3.3.0, which will bring the Incursion League, known. So today the new skill "The Siphoning Trap" was introduced. This is one of 5 completely new trap skills that will be implemented in the game with the update.

Path of Exile - Debilitating Trap

The new skill is available from level 10 and is quite an all-rounder.

  • AoE area damage to up to 10 enemies
  • Freeze and slow down the enemy
  • Life + mana regeneration for every enemy in the trap area. With 10 enemies approx. 500 life and 25 mana per second

The damage isn't the greatest, but the additional defense and regeneration make this skill interesting not only for character builds designed for traps.


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Video Guide for Incursions from ZiggyD

The well-known Path of Exile Theorycrafter and YouTuber ZiggyD has published a short video overview of the new league feature after a visit to the developers.

He shows how that temple "Build" and the Incursions work without spoiling the final boss.

So you can see on the map which 2 Architects will be found in the incursion. Depending on the description, these change the current room. There are either architects who upgrade the active room up to a maximum of 3 and architects who completely convert the room.

A higher tier in a room naturally means better rewards, so you can choose what you want. If you enter the entire temple in the present, you will not only find the rooms, but also the surviving architect.

key which one finds open the passages to other rooms.

Because of the Time limits, which, similar to some Zana missions, can be extended by killing monsters, it is urgent. Priority in the incursions should be:

  1. Run to the architect and only kill the monsters on the way.
  2. Kill the architect. (Gives a lot of bonus time)
  3. Kill as many monsters as possible and look for keys.

Through the unlocked rooms and entrances you fight your way up to the top of the Maya pyramid and the final boss.

The NPC who sends you into the past / incursions, Alva, can also be invited into your hideout. Once you have completed the temple, it will also open the portals to the temple for you.


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The video is from a build about 3 weeks old, so details may have changed.

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