Path of Exile - New divination cards and uniques from the Bestiary Patch

Path of Exile

The developers of Path of Exile fill the days up to the release of the big 3.2 patch with daily information. In the meantime there are first screenshots of new Unique items and an overview of the new divination cards. There is a countdown timer until the release on the official site.

The new unique armor - Farrul's Fur

Path of Exile Farrul

The effect that the armor provides is particularly noticeable. This gives you the maximum number of Frenze and Power Charges, which should be a godsend for many character builds.

Fenumus' Shroud:

Path of Exile

Saqawal's Winds:

Path of Exile


Path of Exile - 9 new divination cards

Don't mess, just plop! That must have been the motto of the development team at Grinding Gear Games. Because 9 new card sets come with the Bestiary Patch.

The puzzle

Path of Exile - The Puzzle

The hidden

Path of Exile - The Hidden

The crack

Path of Exile - The Rift

The Deceiver

Path of Exile - The Deceiver

The dreamer

Path of Exile - The Dreamer

The insatiable one

Path of Exile - The Insatiable

The world devourer

Path of Exile - The World Devourer

The forbidden forces

Path of Exile - The Forbidden Forces

God's blessing

Path of Exile - God's blessing

In the last few days there were already those great FAQ about the Bestiary League. There the system of capturing beasts is explained in detail. In addition, in response to Reddit's criticism of the networks, the developers posted a further explanation of this mechanism.

The Bestiary League will be released on March 2nd and, like the main game, is free to play. With the patch for Bestiary League there are revised ascendancy classes, new items, skills and much more. On the GGG YouTube channel the previously published revisions of the ascendant classes can be found.

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