Path of Exile - New expansion Delve brings an endless dungeon

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Path of Exile - Delve cover picture

While many still hang around in the Incursion Flashback League, has Path of Exile Developer studio GGG today the next expansion Delve presented.

The first one awaits us as a particularly new feature endless dungeon in Path of Exile. The Azurite mine has been swallowed up by an all-consuming darkness and we can only venture into the depths with appropriate light sources.

Path of Exile - The Azurite Mine

On the overlay of Wraeclast we find voltaic sulphite, with this the so-called Crawler operate. This drives in the mine to the next checkpoint and provides us with a light source. If you move too far from the crawler, you will be damaged by the darkness with a stacking debuff and will die quickly. So never move or get too far from the crawler Torches with, these can be thrown on the ground and illuminate the surrounding area and thus allow exploration off the crawler routes.


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The crawler not only provides light, it also collects all the objects that the monsters that are killed by you nearby drop. You can then sort these in peace at the next checkpoint.

With the new dynamite you can also partially blow open walls to get into secret treasure chambers.

Endless expeditions

The azurite mine is really endless, you can go further and deeper as long as you can defeat the monsters that are getting stronger. Some of the maps that can be seen in the video above give an impression of how huge the expedition in depth can be.

Path of Exile - Azurite Mine Map
Source: GGG

In addition to new skill gems, there are of course new equipment. Something special are lost relics of past civilizations that you can find in the mine and use to upgrade your weapons and armor. The mine’s eponymous azurite also serves as a raw material for upgrading your equipment.

There are still almost 21 days for PC gamers until the release of Path of Exile: Delve. The expansion comes on August 31, 2018. Xbox players will have to wait a little longer until September 3. As always, there are various supporter packs for sale that support the developers and bring various microtransactions such as special armor sets. These are entirely cosmetic changes that have no impact on the game, you just look a lot cooler.


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