Path of Exile - New Divination Cards, Uniques and the Doom Chamber

Path of Exile - Altar

After the excitement about the Buying up the Path of Exile Developer has put something, a whole lot of new expansion information came this week. Including 18 new ones Divination cards Sets and an insight into the Doom Chamber of the Temple of Atzoatl, as well as 3 of the new upgradeable unique items.

Path of Exile - Incursion Information

Upgradeable items

These sometimes have strong effects, but also have disadvantages. Similar to the Breach Uniques, these can be upgraded to an improved version

Path of Exile - Heart of Sacrifice

The 'Heart of Sacrifice', which adds considerable elemental damage to your attacks, gives your damage per second a substantial boost, given the level required. If you regularly use a Vaal Skill (which in light of the changes we are recently shared with you guys, should be much easier from 3.0.0), then you also benefit from energy charges, life support when hit and a little more movement speed.

Path of Exile - Zerphi's heart

When you place the 'Heart of Sacrifice' on the Altar of Sacrifice, it becomes Zerphi's heart. The functionality of Soul Eater has changed slightly (more precisely, multiple instances of Soul Eater are treated as separate instances rather than renewing the duration of the first instance), but especially with the improved uses of Vaal skills introduced in 3.0.0, this item is quite a powerhouse. You may have already noticed this item on the Incursion preview page, but with a different lore text. If you are lucky enough to get hold of this amulet, then leave your sound on!

The other items can be found here in official Newspost.

The corruption chamber

Path of Exile - Altar

This room, which you can unlock and improve during an Incursion, brings the possibility to provide an item with Elder or Creator modifiers.

If your incursion leads you into the Doom Chamber, you will have the option of changing or expanding this room, depending on the architect whose demise you have decided. You have to weigh this decision carefully, as each level of the room in the final temple will apply a penalty to your maximum resistances. If you only unlocked level 1 or level 2 of the chamber in the end, then the negative effect of the rooms will have an effect on you, but the altar will not be there to adequately compensate for this risk ...

Weigh the risk carefully and always keep in mind the possible manufacturing results through the altar:

  • Your item will be converted into a Rare Elder or Creator item with a random number of sockets, colors, modifiers, and compounds.
  • All colors of the frames take on the white color.
  • Two implicit corrupted modifiers are added to the item.
  • Your item will be destroyed.

Every result has the same chance. Items that have already been corrupted cannot be used on the altar.

New divination cards

Here the Path of Exile Team brings us a whole truckload of new maps:

Path of Exile - Divination Cards 1
Source: GGG
Path of Exile - Divination Cards 2
Source: GGG
Path of Exile - Divination Cards 3
Source: GGG

The Path of Exile Incursion Update 3.3 will be released on June 1, 2018 and, like the main program, is free.

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