Path of Exile - New skill Doom Arrow

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Path of Exile Image of the doom arrow

In the announcement for the new Path of Exile Expansion and League: Delve have also been promised new skills. Today the developers are presenting the first of them with the Doom Arrow.

The special thing about the Doom Arrow is that it is the first Channeled bow skill in Path of Exile. The longer you channel before shooting the arrow, the more damage you will do. It's not just about the arrow itself, but also about the spore capsules it leaves behind on its path. These explode after a short time and shoot thorn arrows in all directions. The number of spore capsules is scaled in 5 steps, depending on the duration of the canalization.

If you pair the doom arrow with the corresponding support gems such as additional projectiles, these work on the spore capsules. So there will be a lot going on on the screen and soon nothing more will be seen of the monsters.


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Path of Exile - Doom Arrow

You can find the official description below:

“The Delve League is getting closer and closer, and I'm sure many of you are already busy planning the perfect character, ready to face the dangerous challenges that lie in wait for you in the depths. Today's post will likely make the decision even more difficult as we introduce you to the first channeled bow skill in Path of Exiles history: the Doom Arrow. 

The standard attack of the Doom Arrow is a long, piercing arrow. As with other channeled skills, the longer the skill is channeled the more damage the damage will do, but the attack will not occur until you stop channeling. At that moment an arrow is fired, which leaves a number of spore capsules on the ground in its trajectory, which after a short delay explode and unleash thorn arrows in all directions. 

The number of spore capsules created depends on how many phases you build up while channeling the skill. One spore capsule is created per phase, up to a maximum of 5 phases, so that a fully charged doom arrow will fire a large number of projectiles. 

Modifiers for additional arrows or projectiles affect the arrows in the spore capsules instead of the original arrow shot, causing devastating damage to a fully charged doom arrow. The thorn arrows have a limited range, but this can be increased by increasing the projectile speed. 

The Doom Arrow converts 60% of your physical damage into chaos damage, making it particularly worth considering for builds that want to benefit from the upcoming changes to Poison Passive Skills and Pathfinder Ascendancy. In addition, the Doom arrow complements particularly well with the new support gem 'withering contact'. You can look forward to all of these changes in the Delve expansion. 

Check out the new skill in the video below now! "

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