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Path of Exile

Chris Wilson Producer and Developer of Path of Exile introduced the Pantheon system in a new video today "The Fall of Oriath" Extension before.

Path of Exile - New power for your characters

The new bosses who stand in our way with 3.0 have special abilities. If you defeat them, they will drop fragments that give you some of these abilities. Such as: Reduced damage taken while the player is standing still.

Path of Exile

There will be Major and Minor Pantheon Powers, of which you can select one as active. Not every power will always be equally useful, some are more suitable for normal monster packs, while others are an immense help with bosses.

The players can change the selection without any problems and only have to go back to town for a moment.

These powers can also be improved later in the game. While you are exploring maps and your atlas, so-called Divine Vessels can fall. You combine this in the map device with a card and the boss of this card becomes extra difficult, but also drops his soul when defeated.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile





With the help of these souls you can improve your Pantheon Powers. Which souls you need exactly is shown in the Pantheon window, so that you can target these bosses.

The Fall of Oriath Beta

The Pantheon system is currently in beta for "The Fall of Oriath" active and can be tested there. About the possibility Access to the beta to get, we have already reported. There are random invitations as well as access for buyers of the Supporter Packs and prizes in the races.

If you were lucky enough to be in beta, you can start right away and have a look at the new system.

The Path of Exile Extension "The Fall of Oriath" should be released in mid-July and like the main game is free. The expansion brings Update 3.0, which expands the game from 5 acts to 10 acts and offers many improvements. Who is not yet in Path of Exile has looked in, this is the ideal time to get in and let yourself be inspired.

You can find the developer video about the Pantheon Powers at the beginning of the article.

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