Path of Exile - Patch 3.3.1 is live / German patch notes

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Image of the new Clockwork Golem Pets

As reported from us yesterday, Patch 3.3.1 for Path of Exile installed and brings two new bug fixes as well Incursion Spaces.

Path of Exile - 3.3.1 Changes

The new rooms can be upgraded as normal and then offer better rewards.
• Torture cells -> torture cages -> shelter of the sadist
• Vault -> Hall of Locks -> Court of Sealed Death

The torture cells hold up to 7 tormented souls, while the safes contain boxes. The very rare and valuable chests such as the Cartographer's safe are located.

Image of a card safe

Furthermore, there were a number of bug fixes, especially with various portals from Zana and Alva, which were not opened or displayed correctly. Items with skin transfer now have the skin, even if the item is destroyed at the age of corruption.
The damage from black ice was incorrect and was adjusted after the bug was fixed. For this, the damage of black ice (and the Vaal variant) has been increased to level 20 by 25%.

There is also a new microtransaction, the Clockwork Golem:


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You can find the complete German patch notes for 3.3.1 below:

Path of Exile 3.3.1

• Two new rooms have been added to the Temple of Atzoatl in the Incursion League, which can contain Tormented Souls and Safes.
• If an item containing a skin transfer is destroyed while using the Altar of Corruption, the item skin is now retained.
• The 'Manor Courtyard' area in the maze has been slightly adjusted so that players no longer get stuck when using 'Jump Swipe' to reach a small lead.
• The default item filter now plays audio when an item with 5 connected sockets is dropped.
• Portals to maps and to the temple of Atzoatl can now be opened in the hideout at the same time.
• Fixed a bug where the damage over time from 'Black Ice' would stack with itself. To compensate for this change, the damage of 'Blitzeis' and 'Vaal-Blitzeis' has been increased by 25% at gem level 20, whereas the damage is scaled down accordingly down to level 1 and level 1 is not changed.
• Fixed a bug where portals to Zana's mission would open around Alva Valai instead.
• A bug has been fixed where the portals were sometimes incorrectly aligned with Zana's mission.
• Fixed a bug where portals to the realm of a Rift Lord in Hiding would sometimes open around Alva Valai instead.
• Fixed a bug where portals to the Temple of Atzoatl that were positioned around Alva Valai would not rearrange themselves correctly if Alva was moved or she was sent out of hiding and invited back there.
• Fixed a bug where opening portals to the Temple of Atzoatl in the hideout was sometimes not possible.
• Fixed a bug where Alva Valai could sometimes not be invited back to the hiding place after being sent away from there.
• Fixed a bug where Alva Valai could not open portals to the Temple of Atzoatl in a hiding place if the character was not the owner of the hiding place.
• Fixed various bugs that prevented Abysses from spawning.
• Fixed a bug where the unique 'The Three Dragons' helmet would not prevent shock from being applied by lightning damage.
• A bug has been fixed where the unique belt 'Gluttony' could be looted in low-level areas, although this was not intended.
• Fixed a bug where the character was sometimes not restored to its original size after casting 'Lightning Teleportation'.
• Fixed a bug where totems could be summoned through closed doors.
• Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in an action with 'Barrage' after upgrading a gem that was linked to 'Barrage'.
• Fixed a bug where destroying corpses with the 'Vaal Corpse Explosion' did not count as "Consuming" a corpse.
• Fixed a bug where monster versions of 'Arctic Breath' could still deal damage even though they were no longer visible.
• A bug in the 'Basilica passage' area in the labyrinth has been fixed, where a lever only opened one closed door instead of several closed doors.
• A bug from 3.3.0c has been fixed that caused the color of the apocalypse cloak to change slightly.
• Fixed a rare bug where the Vaal Omnitect would continue to damage each other after death.
• Fixed a rare bug in the 'Caldera' map where trees could spawn on a teleporter field so that the player could no longer move.
• Fixed a client crash that occurred when using 'Loaded Sprint' while the character was trapped by a spike trap in the maze.
• Fixed an instance crash that occurred during the encounter with Solaris, Eternal Sun and Lunaris, Eternal Moon.
• Fixed an instance crash that occurred during the encounter with 'Guardians of the Chimera'.

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