Path of Exile - Developer Plans

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Path of Exile

As usual, they are us Path of Exile Developers way ahead, we are still waiting for the Incursion Flashback Event, the team is already working on the next big patches and changes. In today's blog post we got an overview of what is waiting for us.

Path of Exile - Incursion Flashback Event

The event announced last week starts on August 3rd at 11pm and ends on August 28th at midnight.
The event runs parallel tor Incursion League and belongs to it, league achievements can also be completed in the flashback event.

Group game improvements

The focus on adjustments in the group game was announced a few weeks ago and actually they should already be on the live servers. However, there were some delays, but the changes should be implemented with patch 3.4.0.

Mini patches

If you paid attention yesterday, there was a small update without a patch message. With this update, server-side improvements were implemented that did not require a restart of the server. Similar small patches should come more often before 3.4.0.

Content update 3.4.0

The press tour for the upcoming expansion will start next week. With this, the players will finally get more information about everything that awaits them. The release date is planned for September 1st, but this date has yet to be confirmed. This is slated to happen on August 10th along with the official announcement of the expansion and supporter packages.

Xbox One

There is also news for Xbox One players:

We've improved the process for pricing items in Premium Chests on Xbox One. As soon as an item is priced, the price field is automatically highlighted and the virtual keyboard is removed. The value can be increased in steps of one or ten with the left stick or the control pad (up and down for steps of one, left or right for steps of ten). The expandable menu, in which you can choose the currency type, is now also displayed by default and can be changed with the right stick.

We have added an option that remembers the last used pricing and applies it to the next item. After the first item has been priced, a new option will be available for the next item with the X button, which shows the last used number of the currency item.


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