Path of Exile - Preview of the next major content patch

Path of Exile

While the Bestiary League has slowly settled in, the developers of Path of Exile on the next big update, of course. Content Update 3.3.0 will be presented in more detail in about 4 weeks.

The development rhythm of Path of Exile roughly follows the pattern: Expansion - League - Expansion and so on. These boundaries are now a bit fluid, at the end of 2017 2 major extensions came out and the first update in 2018 offered not only the league but also many new features and revisions such as the ascendancy classes.

So should 3.3.0 mainly based on a league, but also contain a lot of other features like 3.2.0.

Path of Exile - 3.3 more monsters / Exp / Loot

After the Bestiary League received a rather mixed response from fan circles, the next league is said to have many of the properties that have proven to be popular again. So a lot of monsters, a lot of loot, a lot of experience, the cornerstones of an Action RPG. Player favorites so far have been leagues like Breach and Harbinger with mechanics that brought many additional monsters.

3.3.0 is temporal for the June 1st planned, this is a provisional date that can still change. The Xbox One version of the update, will appear in the week after, as soon as possible.

Despite working on the new content, there will continue to be improvements to the Bestiary League. Developer GGG continues to listen to player feedback in this regard.

Before the end of 3.3.0 there should also be a bigger flashback event, this is planned from the beginning to the end of May.

The detailed announcements by GGG in the form of an FAQ can be found on the official Path of Exile Homepage.

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