Path of Exile - Elemental Hits rework

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In addition to Vaal and Fallen skills, GGG revised for the Path of Exile Update 3.3.0 also the skill Elementary hits. There are not only small adjustments such as a little more damage etc. but also new jewels that change the ability.

Path of Exile - New version of Elemental Hit

Elemental hit now only inflicts 1 type of damage, for example 100% frost damage, the next hit then 100% fire damage, but no more split damage.

“We've made major mechanical changes to Elemental Hits, as well as making some damage adjustments to bring the skill in line with other high-performance skills. Elemental Hit will still select an element that the attack will deal damage with, but the attack will not deal damage of any other type. For example, if the cold element is selected, the attack will only deal cold damage. It is important to note that Elemental Hit is unable to deal damage of the same type twice in a row unless the skill can only deal damage of a single type. "

Furthermore, the Path of Exile Team improves the damage done against monsters that are already affected by this element. A burning enemy takes more damage from another hit with fire damage and the explosion of the hit is also greater:

“We have increased the chance of freezing, shocking and igniting. At level 1 the chance is now 30% and scales up to level 20 to 49%.

Each hit with an elemental hit causes a small explosion that deals damage in an area around the monster. Hits against monsters affected by an ailment on the selected element cause much larger explosions. For example, hitting a frozen monster with cold damage will result in a much larger explosion.

The elemental hit attacks do 10% more damage per ailment on the enemy. That means your 40% will deal more damage if your target is affected by all four elemental ailments. "

New gems for elemental hits

This is where the 3 new jewels come into play, there is a variant for each elemental damage. Give this 10% more damage for elementary hits and prevent a certain element from being selected. With this you can determine exactly which elemental damage you want to cause:

Path of Exile - Jewel

“You may be wondering how you can influence the selection of a certain element. The answer lies in a new jewel that we are introducing with 3.0.0 and that is available in three versions. Each variant of the jewel supports elemental hits in a different but very similar way.

Each variant of the jewel has a special characteristic that determines the type of damage that elemental hits can cause. So if you put two of these jewels in your skill tree, for example, your elemental hit only causes fire damage at once. If you only use one gem, you are left with a skill that only deals fire and cold damage. Do you remember we said the skill is unable to deal damage of the same type twice in a row? Now you have a skill that complements the passive skill 'Elemental Balance' nicely, as each attack alternates between the type of damage it inflicts, taking full advantage of the reduced resistance. "

In addition, there are also new graphic effects and especially the explosions now look a lot nicer.


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