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For the next big one Path of Exile Patch 3.3.0, the developers have planned a lot. The revision of many little-used skills is a mammoth project. In the meanwhile 4th post about it, it's especially about that Vaal skills (Part 1, Part 2, part 3).

Vaal Gems are extremely powerful versions of regular skills that are charged by Vaal Souls and killing monsters. As a result, they cannot be used every 2 seconds like other skills.

Path of Exile - Changes to the Vaal Gems

Now there are several changes:

  • Vaal skill gems now grant both the regular as well as the Vaal version of a skill. As a result, the Vaal gems should no longer have the problem that there is no longer a free version left for them or that one has to forego auras, heralds, triggerable skills and well-connected secondary skills, which should make the use of Vaal gems justifiable again.
  • Unique and rare opponents Vaal skills now grant souls while losing life. In longer battles, more Vaal souls are generated for your skills. We'll reveal the exact mechanics as soon as we're satisfied with the internal result. Most Vaal skills could only be used a few times against bosses and not at all during specific encounters, such as Izaro, until this change. While you won't be able to use these skills as often as you did in the past when you killed a lot of enemies, they will still be able to play a crucial role in boss fights.
  • Vaal skills can be short-lived after they are used no Vaal souls record, tape. This change has been made so that the balancing of the generation of soul costs in direct use no longer plays a decisive role. This allows us to continue to tweak the strength of the skill and reduce the soul cost of many individual skills.
  • The soul cost for Vaal skills is increased after encounters with Kitava no longer increased. With the other changes, it will no longer be necessary to increase the soul cost for Vaal skills as soon as you encounter larger groups of monsters.
  • Vaal souls are now per skill and no longer stored per gem. This is to prevent you from carrying multiple copies of the same Vaal Skill Gem and having to switch them during combat.
  • The gem 'Ancestral Call Support' can no longer support Vaal skills. The same applies to 'Support: Multiple Strikes' and 'Support: Magic Echo'. We'll reconsider this decision in the future, but for now, doubling Vaal skills is causing too many technical, performance, and balancing issues.

Rebalanced all Vaal skills

In addition, almost all Vaal skills are revised and adjusted, for example Vaal arc splits after each chain (which have therefore been reduced) and leaves a stronger shock effect. This also makes the ability more useful against bosses.

Vaal corpse explosion creates an area effect in which the explosion effect is repeatedly triggered after a short delay.

Vaal double punch from the official Path of Exile homepage:

“We have the number of clones and their duration doubledthat are summoned by Vaal Double Strike, as well as the number of uses that can be saved. The basic movement speed of the clone has almost been doubled, it also improves with each additional gem level and reaches up to 100% more movement speed. There is now no longer any limit to the number of simultaneously active clones. "

In addition there is bonus damage against bleeding opponents, this effect also applies to the regular version.

The detailed message from the developer team can be found on the Path of Exile Homepage that also featured a new build of the week.


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