Path of Exile Skill Update Part 5 - Burn and Freeze Pulse

Path of Exile ZiggyD Video

It's getting hot with the skill revisions in Path of Exilebecause today is Burn your turn and Vaal atoning fire. To cool off, there is a pretty cool looking new one Freezing pulse.

Path of Exile - changed skills


Burn has been modified the most and now has a conical area of effect. Instead of firing projectiles like before, the new verbing now repeatedly causes damage in the target area. Due to the adjustments, Burn will now scale better and be useful when leveling and in the endgame.

Path of Exile Burning

The description of the Path of Exile Teams:

“As you channel the cone, the front of the cone gets longer and the sides wider, creating a roughly T-shaped source of damage. This happens relatively quickly, so the entire area of effect can be filled before the skill is fully channeled and the damage discharges. Similar to the old version, the damage increases while channeling. We wanted the new skill to spread quickly and, given the shape of the damage source, give players enough leeway to aim without having to cover an entire area at once.

When released, a single, powerful wave of damage is unleashed, combining the length and breadth of the channeled effects and dealing six times the damage compared to the channeled cone. This process always ignites and causes significantly increased fire damage. Due to the strength of this final explosion, it should be used carefully to achieve the greatest possible effect. With the skill, you can either concentrate on fire damage in order to achieve a very effective ignition effect or trigger the skill more often and thus set many enemies on fire in order to get the best out of the support gem 'Sacrifice of Fire', which does the damage against burning enemies elevated."

Hell blow

Here the individual damage is improved, the explosion when killing a monster remains. The main objective, however, receives a stackable debuff which, when reaching 6 stacks or the death of the monster, triggers another explosion and causes damage to all enemies in a relatively large area. This new ability works particularly well in conjunction with support gems such as Ancestral Call and allows multiple monsters to be stacks at once.

Freezing pulse

Now causes more damage at a further distance, previously the damage was almost non-existent at the end of the animation. After the changes, Frost Pulse will still deal 50% damage. Overall, the damage has also been increased and is now competitive with Frost Ball and Frost Wave. In addition, Frostpuls got a new visual effect and looks pretty stylish.

Path of Exile Frost Pulse


Schmetterschlag receives several improvements. On the one hand, the angle is widened and at the same time the area is enlarged, and there is also an increase in damage. Smash Strike now deals more damage against nearby targets and should therefore also be more effective against single enemies.

In addition, Schmetterschlag can now also be used with axes, thus allowing more flexibility in choosing a weapon.

Vaal atoning fire

The Vaal gems have been generally revised. Atonement fire now consumes a portion of life and shield and does damage based on that. Instead of a one-time major damage, the skill now causes a burning effect on enemies in the vicinity.

All of these changes are still in the testing phase and can be further adjusted. There is also a video by the well-known Path of Exile YouTuber ZiggyD on the topic of new ignition and burning.

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