Path of Exile - Skills Revisions - Ice Spear

Path of Exile - New ice spear

For the upcoming update and the new one Path of Exile League in December, the developers are also revising some capabilities. Today the "new" Ice spear presented.

A number of skills have already been revised in the last few enhancements to make them more contemporary again. Now there are more Cold magic turn. It starts with Ice Spear, whose strength should be improved against individual opponents.

There is also a video showing the new version of Eisspeer:


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Here is the official statement from the Path of Exile designers and the idea behind the changes:

Path of Exile - Ice Spear

In addition to various improvements to cold spells, the upcoming update 3.5.0 will also contain a revised version of the Ice Spear skill. Our goal was to make Ice Spear one of the most effective cold spells against individual opponents, bringing them down with a volley of critical hits.

In the process, we've redesigned the way additional projectiles affect the skill. We took inspiration from the Ice Spear Barrage Merveil uses in her battle, which means that additional projectiles are now fired sequentially instead of simultaneously. In this way, the damage caused by additional projectiles is significantly increased without changing the distribution of the projectiles, which only depends on the distance to the target. The skill also shoots an additional projectile by default.

After traveling a short distance, the projectiles go into a second phase as before, but the targets are now only pierced after moving into the second phase, instead of the previous phase. During the second phase, the projectiles also have a bonus to the multiplier for critical hits, which further increases the damage. Since the flight speed of the projectiles continues to increase during the second phase, the powerful impact takes place all the faster in the end.

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