Path of Exile - The 2 new Incursion rooms presented

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Image of a card safe

The for Path of Exile Update 3.3.1 announced new Incursion rooms, were presented today, the 2 new room series are called torture cells and vault.

Like the other Incursion rooms, both rooms can be upgraded twice, which is why the developers speak of a room series.

  • Torture cells -> Torture cages -> Shelter of the sadist
  • Vault -> Hall of Castles -> Judgment of Sealed Death

The higher levels offer more loot, but also more challenges.

The torture cells contain 3 tormented souls, the torture cages 5 and the shelter of the sadist even 7. These can also be used for the challenge "Complete these battles I" complete.

Image of a tormented soul from the new rooms

The Vault sounds a lot more pleasant and promises us safes and chests with rewards. Of course the safes are guarded, but the vault and its upgrades offer the chance to access the really rare boxes like the Cartographer's safe.

The vault contains 2 safes, the Hall of Castles 4 and the third level, Court of Sealed Death, has 6 safes ready for you.

As a little surprise, the patch will be installed by the Path of Exile developers tomorrow, Tuesday. Immediately afterwards it is possible to meet the new rooms in the temple. If you are looking for a new effect for your shield rush, you can expect it Demonic shield rush.


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