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Path of Exile

The next Path of Exile Extension has now been officially announced with name and trailer: War for the Atlas. This makes it very clear what the new content is about, the revised atlas, new maps and a new threat.

Path of Exile - The Elder vs The Shaper

The ancient, powerful being "The Elder“Fights against the Shaper, to control the atlas. The more powerful The Elder becomes, the more creatures the Shaper will devour around his own Guardians to manifest. If we fight these Guardians, the more powerful the devoured boss, the stronger they will be.

Overall it should 32 new cards for the atlas and also new structures and ways of moving between the maps. With that, the endgame of Path of Exile is really whirled up and even more extensive.

Other new features are Shaper and Elder Objects. These can be dropped by monsters in the maps, depending on whether they are currently being controlled by the Shaper or Elder, and offer modifications that would otherwise not be possible.

Additionally there is 10 new gems / gems, four with new skills and 6 with new support properties.

Over 50 new legendary items are also planned.

The detailed information on all extension features can be found on the corresponding Path of Exile Homepage for War for the Atlas being found.

The league matching the patch will be the Abyss Challenge League this time and will start for PC on December 8th. The Xbox One variant will start shortly thereafter. As a particular threat, enemies come out of the ground and attack you in this league. Their loot are the Abyss jewels with which the equipment and characters are modified.

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