The long-awaited new desert map for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS was unveiled tonight. Under the name of Miramar, you land in the middle of the Mexican desert landscape. Exclusive weapons and vehicles that can only be found on the Miramar map are also available.

In contrast to the classic Erangel menu, there is hardly any vegetation here, but many bare hills and merciless heat. Due to the lack of bushes and plants, of course, the players have to come up with new tactics and no longer just camp in the middle of a circle under the largest bush.



To match the map, the developers also present the greatest landscape features:

Los Leones

The largest city in the region, there are shops, a city center and lots of construction sites. Especially there, games should secure high places for an overview.

El Pozo

Most of the industry and the arena are in El Pozo. There you can not only fight for life and death, but also test your motorcycle skills.

Monte Nuevo

This city is the prime example of a besieged city, there the players will find a lot of stockades and barricades, which are great for cover.

Valle del Mar

On the coast there is some water and the coastal town of Valle del Mar with the De Toro bridge. As in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, the bridge is likely to become the focus of the fighting again.

La Cobreria

Known as the “capital” of loading and transport, there are huge storage heaps and container cemeteries here. Surprising enemies can appear around every corner as you search the city's schools and campuses for loot.

San Martin

There are viewpoints on both sides of San Martin, so you should approach the settlement with particular care.


The largest casino awaits you in the region's former tourism stronghold. However, the thrill of roulette has now been replaced by the fight to the death. Four-story hotels invite you to browse.


This is where the former center of the Miramar textile industry can be found. Long-abandoned factories full of loot offer an exciting experience as you fight your way from floor to floor.

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