PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS - PC Patch 15 brings the new Sanhok map on December 22nd.


The announced The date for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS PC Update #15 has now been confirmed. On June 22nd the patch appears and the new map: Sanhok.


In addition to the now 3rd map for the Battle Royale Shooter, there are also user interface and sound improvements, as well as a change in the queues and the map pool.

The highlights at a glance:

  • New card Sanhok
    • A small map of about 4 × 4 km, about a quarter the size of Erangel or Miramar
    • Still 100 players per match so there is a lot of action on the smaller map
    • Optimized performance
    • Dynamic weather
    • The red zone is smaller and shrinks faster
    • The blue zone is dynamic and depends on the number of survivors
    • More prey. On Sanhok you are ready to fight much faster than normal
  • Performance improvements with optimizations for character models, vehicles and weapons
  • Advertising banners for the PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Global Invitational in Berlin on billboards and the standard parachute.
  • Sanhok's exclusive weapon, the QBZ95
  • With 3 cards in the game there are now 2 playlists or map pools:
    • The Battle Royale list consists of Ergangel and Miramar
    • The Mini Battle Royale list currently only consists of Sanhok
    • If you choose both lists, you end up randomly in one of the 3 cards
  • Update of the user interface, e.g. leaderboard and replay UI, popups in the lobby. The ingame minimap has been improved and can now also be enlarged.
  • Sound: The noise of the aircraft at the start of the match is now quieter.
  • Loot Crates: The Aviator crate is now included in the weekly random crates, the drop rate has been adjusted
    • Aviator: 20%
    • Eguinox: 15%
    • Triumph: 10%
    • Raider: 15%
    • Fever: 2.5%
    • Militia: 15%
    • Biker: 10%
    • Desperado: 2.5%
    • Survivor: 5%
    • Wander: 5%

The complete patch notes for PC 1.0 Update 15 can be found on the Steam homepage for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUND - Celebrates 400 million players

In celebration of 400 million players, there is also a discount on the game for the first time. It can now be purchased on Steam for just € 19.99.

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