Nothing seems to be the success of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS to be able to stop. Not even the Free2Play competitor Fortnite could have a negative impact on the number of players.

Now, however, a stumbling block for the whole battle royale genre seems to have emerged in the form of the Chinese authorities. According to reports from mmoculture magazine, the gaming department of "China Audio And Video And Numeral Publishing Association" published a statement condemning Battle Royale games as being too violent.

Games of this kind are too bloody, it says in the article. Furthermore, the genre is compared to the ancient Roman arena fighting, the only goal of which would be to survive. This would violate the moral principles of the Chinese Republic and negatively affect their teenagers, both physically and mentally.

For these reasons, the authority could find it difficult to approve such games for publication in China.

At the same time, the recommendation was given for domestic companies to refrain from developing such games. Likewise, eSports and live stream platforms shouldn't Battle Royale Promote and promote games.


The whole thing gets a little more exciting when you consider the major Chinese publisher Tencent (including League of Legends in China), a few months ago tried the rights for the distribution of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS from developers Bluehole to acquire. However, Bluehole, based in South Korea, turned down Tencent's offer. In the meantime, Bluehole operates its own servers for the Battle Royale Shooter in China, on which around 1 million players should be found.

Coincidentally, one of the vice-presidents of Tencent is a member of the board of directors, the same gaming department that suddenly issued this warning. A rogue who thinks badly ...

In the past there have been several cases in which foreign products have passed through Laws were blocked. Shortly afterwards, deceptively similar products from Chinese companies appeared. YouTube, Facebook, Google Search, Uber or ICQ to name just a few examples.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS and similar battle royale games could soon fit into the series of these cases.

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