Pokémon GO - Big update with arenas and raid bosses

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO, a phenomenon that fascinates far more people than just the "gamer" community. Since its release in July 2016, the mobile game has triggered entire migrations. Reputable newspapers and news anchors suddenly started talking about Pokémon GO. The software that runs on every modern smartphone and that plants the little Pokémon monsters everywhere in the area caused an unprecedented boom. Suddenly, masses of people met in crowded places to hunt for new pets together.

Pokémon GO - arenas turned upside down

Today the developers announced a huge update. The arena battles in particular are being revised, and players will soon be able to get items there, similar to what they did with PokéStops. All you have to do is rotate the so-called photo disc. Arenas now also have 6 fixed defender positions that can be occupied by the Pokémon of the controlling team. No duplicate Pokémon can be assigned. Should an opposing team enter the arena, the attackers must defeat the specified Pokémon in the order set.

Another change is motivation: Pokémon that lose a battle while defending an arena gradually lose their motivation and are therefore easier to defeat. If a Pokémon is defeated without any motivation, it will return to its trainer. However, the motivation can be rebuilt by feeding them with berries.

Additional rewards await Trainers who visit arenas around the world. With cool arena medals you show your visit and how much you have contributed to the success of an arena. The better your medal, the more rewards you will get when you spin the bonus disc.

Raid bosses add even more variety - Pokémon GO Koop is coming

But that's not all the developers have come up with. A feature that is usually more familiar from MMORPGs like World of Warcraft finds its way into the Pokémon world: Raids.

In the new raids, several trainers can compete against a particularly powerful Pokémon. As a reward, special items and the chance to add the raid boss to your collection await.

In order to take part in a raid, you need a so-called raid pass, which you can get free of charge once a day when you visit an arena. If you don't want to limit yourself to that, you can get a premium pass in the in-game store.

Thanks to the latest changes, this summer will again be all about Pokémon GO euphoria. After installing the update, Niantic will first test the raid bosses for several weeks as part of a beta. However, this means that initially only high-level trainers can try them. I wish you success!

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