Pokémon Go - sequel to Harry Potter

Pokémon Go successor Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Pokémon Go was and still is, a worldwide phenomenon and not only caused a sensation in gaming circles. Even mainstream media reported endlessly about the hordes of players who often enough hunted rare Pokémon in groups.

Pokémon Go - successor to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Manufacturer Niantic, who developed and operate Pokémon Go for Nintendo, have now announced their next project. What better way to do this than another brand that has cast a spell over children and adults around the world: Harry Potter.

The legend of the student wizard and his fight against the evil wizard Voldemort has been sold millions of times. The Hollywood films regularly caused long lines at the box office. There are now other offshoots and even a musical.

So the fan numbers can certainly keep up with Pokémon Go. So the new game may also be able to win over fans of the books, who previously had little to do with computer or video games.

Just a year ago, the team loudly denied plans for the game. In the meantime, however, the denials have also been denied. In other words: the developers have confirmed the project.

Further details about the game mechanics have not yet been made public. The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite AR (Augmented Reality) game should be based on the Niantic title Ingress. There, players explore the world, look for power-ups (reinforcements) and defend or fight for important places, such as the training halls in Pokémon Go etc.

With Harry Potter there are of course the 4 houses like Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin at. The players could join them and then collect points. So far this is only speculation.

It should appear Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Mobile game in 2018. Hopefully Niantic will provide more information soon.

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