Prey - Launch trailer, demos and name changes


On the day their Action Adventures Prey was released, publisher Bethesda today released the official launch trailer.

Prey - The background

In Prey, a first-person shooter with adventure and role-playing elements, the player takes on the role of Morgan Yu. Yu finds himself aboard a space station where strange experiments took place and which has now apparently been overrun by enemy aliens. The player's task now is to survive and uncover the background.

The story is set in an alternate timeline in which John F. Kennedy survived the assassination attempt in Dallas. Kennedy's survival pushes the Earth's space program to the extreme, but unfortunately leads to detection by hostile aliens. In the space station Talos 1, which was to serve as a prison for aliens, experiments on Neuromods are now being carried out. These are supposed to improve the human brain and enable superhuman abilities. In 2032 the station is owned by the TranStar Corporation and this is where the story of Morgan Yu begins.

Bethesda forces indiestudio to change its name

The 3-man indie development studio "No Matter Studios", which is working on a game called "Prey for the Gods“Worked, the use of the term Prey in their title was prohibited. The “Prey for the Gods” development was financed by a Kickstarter campaign, so of course there is not much money left for lawyers. For this reason, No Matter Studios decided to take the title in "Praey for the Gods" to change. If you are interested, you can find more information on their homepage.

No prey demo for PC players

Console owners can try a demo version of Prey and get an idea before buying. As the development studio Arkane Studios announced, there will be no demo for PC players. The studio's resources are too limited to develop an additional PC demo. It would also be possible to play the game for 2 hours on Steam and then request a refund. However, this option did not meet with much approval from the community. Since it often happens that you lose a lot of time due to technical problems. If you have accidentally played more than 120 minutes at the end, Steam will refuse to return the game and you will have finally bought the game. A demo without such pitfalls would clearly be a better option.

Prey will be released on May 5th, 2017 and will be available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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