Project Scorpio - Great potential, more information soon

Project Scorpio

Microsoft only had information about the Project Scorpio hardware specifications released. This now seems to inspire the analysts and fans. Two groups have now spoken out and given their assessment of the success of the new console.

Mat Piscatella, an analyst for the NPD Group, believes Project Scorpio has great potential, but has also expressed some concerns. The console has far stronger technical arguments than the competition, but ultimately the range of games is decisive for Piscatella. “Consumers buy consoles primarily to play games. If the range of games on offer is not large and varied enough, the Scorpio will consequently not be able to establish and establish itself in the mass market, ”explains the analyst.

David Cole of DFC Intelligence, however, has a different opinion about Project Scorpio and Microsoft's target audience. According to his assessment, Microsoft does not want to conquer the mass market at all, but rather to establish itself as a niche product. Thus the target group would not be the general gamer, but the technically interested buyer who is proud of what is under the hood.

We will certainly have to wait and see which of the two opinions will come true in the end. However, new information could shed some light on this.

New Project Scorpio details over the next week

Via NeoGAF a Microsoft employee spoke up on the subject of information. Albert Penello, Senior Director for Product Management & Planning, has revealed that further details on Project Scorpio will be published next week. According to him, this report will be about the development and creation of the latest Microsoft console. In addition, the team wants to comment on the games for the Xbox One successor. Penello has not yet revealed whether we will receive more information about the line-up. The specific day for the publication of the report is also still unclear.

In any case, we will stay on the ball for you and keep you informed about the news about Project Scorpio. You can get an overview of all news on the associated Topic Page.

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