Rainbow Six Siege Third Year Plans

Rainbow Six Siege

On the occasion of the Pro League Finals, the developers at Ubisoft had a look at their cards and the plans for the third year in Rainbow Six Siege proclaimed.

Rainbow Six Siege remains true to its format and follows a quarterly release schedule. For the first quarter there is a 3-player cooperation event for the fans. This is called Mission outbreak, but should only be playable for a limited time.

So far, there are only leaks about the content of Outbreak zombie Mode that has not yet been confirmed.

There will be 4 new operators each from Russia, France, England's Scotland Yard and US Delta Force. There are also 2 new Italian GIS operators with a map and 2 Moroccan GIGR operators also with a new map. These appear in the 2nd and 4th quarter. The data volume was mentioned as the reason for "only" new 2 cards.

One of the existing maps is to be completely revised, with significant changes to the level design and the look of the map being mentioned.

Rainbow Six Siege can look forward to the 4th year calmly.

The extension of the Pro League by 2 years also means that Ubisoft will continue to deliver content and support Rainbow Six Siege for a longer period of time.

Quarter / Season 1 - Operation Chimera:

  • Mission Outbreak mode
  • 2 new operators: France and Russia)

Quarter / Season 2:

  • New card
  • 2 new operators: Italy

Quarter / Season 3:

  • Revision of a map
  • 2 new operators: England and USA

Quarter / Season 4:

  • New card
  • 2 new operators: Morocco

So the third year looks pretty good, especially the release of "White Noise" on December 5th before. Rainbow Six fans can look forward to a bright future.

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