Rainbow Six Siege - Future Plans and Outbreak Mode

Rainbow Six Siege

As part of the Six Invitational tournament at Ubisofts Rainbow Six Siege, there was new information about the plans for the future. There was also the trailer for the new one Outbreak mode in which you compete against zombies, so something completely different from the previous terrorist hunt.

One “bad” news first: There will be no sequel for the time being. The player numbers for Rainbow Six Siege are still growing and Ubisoft plans to support the game as announced for a good 10 years.

This is supported by the plans to make the game less "toxic", a term that was mainly coined in MOBA games and describes players who deliberately hinder their team. This should be more effective against team kills. According to developer Alexandra Remy, the penalties for this will be "sensitive". Longer bans were cited as an example, even a complete matchmaking ban for some time.

At the same time, there should not only be more and tougher punishments, but positive behavior should also be better rewarded.

The other highlights:

  • Changes to the Standard Edition, you now start with all 20 original operators.
  • More than 27 million players in total
  • 8 new operators come in the 3rd year. The goal is to reach 100.
  • All weapon attachments should be freely and directly available in the future
  • New server centers in South Africa and South Europe
  • Overhaul of the maps, with the focus on bomb mode
  • The yacht card comes back. The Hereford map will be the first revision
  • Esports will continue to be supported and will be a long term goal
  • In the Pro-League, 1 team will attack 5 times, then it will switch and the other team will attack 5 times.

Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak Mode

This Co-op mode  is only available for a limited time, namely 4 weeks from March 6th to April 3rd, 2018. In it you fight the residents of a small town in New Mexico extraterrestrial parasites turned into zombie-like monsters.

We don't just hit the usual opponents with new textures, but similar to Left4Dead there are special monsters. Among other things, the Smasher, huge figures that can withstand a lot and are immune to bullets. It means dodging until he sinks to the ground after one of his ramming attacks and for a short time on his back, in a red glowing spot. is vulnerable.

Other opponents in turn carry yellow bubbles full of acid with them, these destroy barricades and are extremely unhealthy on contact. Keeping your distance is strongly advised. At the latest when you meet a zombie summoner who keeps summoning new opponents, you consider whether sneaking is not the better idea. You tend to deal with silencers and execute zombies from ambush and avoid messing with the whole horde.

The trailer for Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak We added Modus for you at the beginning of the article.

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