RIFT - Back to the subscription model


FreeToPlay games rarely take the step to the subscription model, but that's exactly what the online role-playing game wants RIFT try now.

After the release in March 2011, RIFT was initially based on a subscription model, then in 2013 it was converted to a FreeToPlay model with cosmetic items and later loot boxes.

With the RIFT Prime Server announced today for spring 2018, at least for this server, the monthly subscription model should be reverted to.

RIFT - Experiment with the Prime Server

The Prime Server will initially bring back the original RIFT from 2011 and then continue to develop. Similar to the progression servers that already exist in classic MMOs such as Everquest. Extensions and new content are activated at regular intervals, but much faster than before. The first players had to spend another 2 years on the first expansion Storm Legion wait, this waiting time is significantly shorter.

In addition, the developers are planning adjustments to the game, such as dynamic adjustment of the character level to the zones, loot from the dungeons should be useful for your actual level, and other additional rewards.

"A little foretaste of everything that is to come: dynamic adaptation of characters to the level of their current zone, dungeons drop loot specifically for the true level of your character, limits on the number of occupational classes that are open to a single character, and participation rewards, which are transferred to your characters on existing servers. "

The shop should also be available on the Prime Server, but it is clearly limited. Rather, rewards should be unlocked by reaching certain milestones in the game.

Since the server arrives "at the end" at some point, i.e. the current content is offered as on the FreeToPlayer server, it should be one at this point spectacular finale give. More details should be available in the next few weeks.

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