Rocket League 3rd birthday event starts on July 9th

Rocket League

Rocket League turns 3, but celebrates like a 30 year old with a 2 week party. The birthday event runs from July 9th to July 23rd and is a little different from the previous celebrations. Because at the same time the processes  Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars already 10 years old.

To celebrate these two milestones, the developers are bringing a completely new 3vs3 Anniversary Playlist including a "Throwback Stadium". The Throwback Stadium might look familiar to SARPBC players. The goal design in particular pays homage to the "old" design of the predecessor and differs from the contemporary Rocket League goals.

Rocket League Arena picture

The method for unlocking the birthday items will also change during the event. Unlike in previous events, there is no random boxes with the new content. Instead, you can get the new cosmetic items by redeeming SARPBC's 10th anniversary-style balloons. This is earned by playing online matches.

In addition to the items, you can use the Balloons also for "Golden Eggs" Exchange (golden eggs). These eggs do not need any keys or the like and you can simply break open (up to 10) of them to get one of the 60 possible items.

The balloons will disappear as soon as the event ends, so there is no transition period, so remember to swap everything before July 23rd.

  • Anniversary event start time: Monday, July 9th at 5pm.

  • Anniversary event end time: Monday, July 23rd or for our time zone on the 24th at 2 a.m.). At this time the balloons also disappear.

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