Sea of Thieves - One hour of gameplay video with the developers

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Sea of Thieves

The game developers are doing their best to fill the time of the Christmas holidays, so the 3rd developer update brings us 57 minutes Sea of Thieves Gameplay.

Sea of Thieves - Be a bloody Pirate!

The video shows us different developers playing Sea of Thieves and how, among other things, they try to follow a treasure map together. The motto "All aboard the Party Boat" - "Everyone on it on the Party Ship" hits it pretty well, the group of lively pirates seems to be having a lot of fun. The ship battles on the high seas in particular make a great impression and are not one of the highlights of Sea of Thieves for nothing.

In general, the game is about a Pirate legend to become. A dream that many players have certainly had since the days of one Sid Meier's Pirates cherish every now and then. That dream can come true in the ultra-modern Sea of Thieves, due out in March 2018. A large part of the focus is on the multiplayer component, so you are not the only daredevil who wants to come to fame and fortune. So you can set sail either alone or in a team and you will soon meet other ships & teams with the same goal. Whether such encounters end peacefully or end in a proper sea battle is up to the players.

Sea of Thieves cannon

In addition to ship-to-ship combat with cannons, there is also hand-to-hand combat with a pistol and saber when you board the enemy or defend yourself. There are fast attacks with less damage and slow, stronger attacks. Of course, you can also block. Since you often fight on a ship, you should avoid / block the strong attacks, because they push you back a step, which can end with your landing in the cold water if you stand with your back to the railing.

Sea of Thieves will be released on March 20, 2018 for Xbox and PC. The multiplayer mode will be cross-platform and let consoles and PC players roam the oceans together.

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