Sea of Thieves - Release with server problems and little content

Sea of Thieves

The pirate adventure Sea of Thieves hit like a bomb when it was released on March 20th, unfortunately this bomb almost blew up the servers. So the team behind Sea of Thieves even had to block access to new players.

Via Twitter, the developers said they wanted to fix the server problems first before allowing more players. This is of course only a short-term measure, but of course it still alienates the fans who have waited a long time for the game. The team sends a message to all active players that the problems are being worked on at full speed and asks for patience.

Sea of Thieves - Not enough to do?

Furthermore, there were initial concerns of the players whether Sea of Thieves has enough content and other items such as cosmetic items and costumes. In a statement by Joe Neate producer He told IGN that the Sea of Thieves was planned as a long-term project with continuous updates and enhancements from the start. The focus of the release was on delivering a great experience and then responding to fan feedback. The was already in the beta phase Share of the community Very big in the development and very big in the ideas and this cooperation should be maintained.

Here is the original answer from Joe Neate:

“Sea of Thieves is designed from the ground up to be a game that grows and evolves, and we will release new cosmetic options ongoing as part of that, alongside new mechanics and ways to play. Our focus for launch is on delivering a great initial experience, and as we move beyond launch we will be assessing and reacting to player feedback across all areas of the game. We have worked with our community throughout the development of Sea of Thieves, and that will continue in exactly the same manner beyond launch. "

So fans have to be patient, but the players who are doing everything have been quite euphoric so far. Especially in a team with several pirate buddies, Sea of Thieves ensures a lot of fun.

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