Shadowverse - 6th expansion to the F2P card game from Japan


In addition to the card giants Hearthstone, GWENT and Magic: The Gathering, the free card game goes Shadowverse by developer Cygames often under. But completely wrongly, because with a very player-friendly FreeToPlay model and far fewer random elements than Hearthstone, for example, there is a great game behind it.

Originating from Japan, the game has impressive daily 4 million players and offers typical Asian graphics. Just before the end of the year, the developers released the 6th expansion - Chronogenesis - today. This not only brings 138 completely new cards, but also a new faction.

Shadowverse is over Steam available and has been translated into German, you can choose between English and Japanese for the voice output.

Shadowverse - The FreeToPlay card game from Japan

Below you can find the official news about the Shadowverse expansion Chronogenesis:

Chronogenesis is the sixth game expansion that comes with an incredible 138 new cards. In addition, there are also cards in a limited special edition in this expansion: three cards, which were chosen by the players in a popularity poll as part of the 1st anniversary of Shadowverse, are honored as part of the popular "Leader Skin Edition" .

Furthermore, with this expansion "Yuwan"Makes its debut, the eighth leader and master of the" Machinae "deck type: With the introduction of the new deck type with its characteristic" resonance "state and cards of the" Artifact "type, the Shadowverse metagame is even more exciting!

This game expansion is rounded off by the implementation of new game formats: From now on, players can choose between the formats “Quintuple” and “Unlimited”. While Unlimited guarantees the same gaming experience as before, the card pool in the new, dynamic quintuple is limited to the five newest expansions.

The patch notes for the release can be found, also in German, on the Steam homepage of the game.

If you just want to try the game, it's FreeToPlay and you can go to Downloaded from Steam. After completing the tutorial, there are a number of free map packages to help you get started. Including 10 packages of the new expansion.

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