Spider-Man - New information and release date


After the first announcement in 2016, the new one was quiet for a long time Spider-Man Game. One Gameplay trailer last year offered at least some insight. However, the colleagues from GameInformer have now published initial information as part of an exclusive deal.

The best news right up front: Spider-Man will be released this year on September 7, 2018 for the PlayStation 4.

Spider-Man with fluid animation and open world

According to the first reports, the developers of Insomniac put a special focus on the swinging of our hero on his spider threads. As in the films, the feeling has to be right and as smooth as possible. When our protagonist swings rapidly through the streets, the animations flow seamlessly into one another and convey the feeling of speed and freedom.

The player can move freely in the city and shoot his nets at any house. The right physics and freedom were extremely important to the developers.

The combat system also clearly shows the focus on perfectly coordinated movements that make the lightning-fast battles an experience. The enemies fly around while Spider-Man works them from all sides. Thanks to its cobwebs, the player can also use objects as Projectiles use them and slam them on the head of the enemy. A wooden pallet leaning innocently against the wall becomes a dangerous projectile.

Another piece of good news came via Twitter that said the game no microtransactions will include. There are a lot of extras like costumes etc. that can be unlocked.

Spider-Man is coming to PlayStation Exclusive on September 7th. Buy now on Amazon *

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