Splatoon 2 - 2 free updates with maps, items, etc.

Splatoon 2

Nintendo has 2 updates for the color shooter Splatoon 2 announced. Part 1 with 4 new arenas and new equipment, Part 2 later with the new game mode "Shell Chaos".

In contrast to Splatoon 1, Splatoon 2 seemed a bit limited in terms of content and game modes to many players. The developers are now addressing this shortcoming with the 2 free updates.

At the November 24th the first patch brings 4 new cards. At the "Abyssal " Museum you end up in an ancient museum building while the 2nd completely new map is a bit more modern. There you end up in the "Cetacea“Market. In which you fight in a huge supermarket. The boxfish store and the Arowana Center, on the other hand, are revised versions of well-known maps. The maps are activated one after the other, so not all of them are available immediately after the update.

There is also a new stage for cooperation mode Salmon Run. The incense consists of two separate platforms where your teamwork is required.

“On this map, two platforms are divided by a large ditch on the beach. The best way to cross it is with the fans, which, with the right teamwork, are well suited as a means of transport. "

New equipment should of course not be missing in the new challenges. There will be a total of 140 new items such as winter clothes, hats, shoes and other items of clothing.

That is also increased Level limit from 50 to 99. Equipment will be easier to change and there will be new hairstyles to match the new clothes.

Splatoon 2 - Both updates bring free content

The second update in mid-December brings the new one Mussel chaos Mode in which you have to collect shells and throw them into a basket. The team that collected 100 mussels first wins. Not only is the other team in your way, the baskets are also surrounded by a barrier that you first have to break through.

“The baskets are protected by a barrier that must first be destroyed. After 100 clams have been collected, you will receive a power clam. You are the key to destroying the barrier. The right strategy is needed here to decide which mussels to destroy the barrier and which to fill the basket with. It's also fun to splash paint on your opponents to steal their mussels ... "

There she expects Splatoon 2 Player but some novelties and the game moves closer to the successful first part.

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